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A Stationary Desk for the Mobile Professional

TTry Aspen furniture!oday’s professionals are on the go more than ever.  Technology has evolved so much that we are able to work nearly anytime, anywhere.  Cell phones, PDAs, laptop computers, wireless internet, audio and video conferencing…all these are tools that allow a professional to stay connected with customers and clients, even when traveling or working from home.

Professionals who are able to work in a mobile capacity can enjoy much more flexibility than their peers could even fathom ten years ago.  The ability to telecommute enables them to participate in their children’s events, assist in family responsibilities, support their spouse on location, and just be more present with their family in general.  However, all of this connectivity can definitely have detriments.  The most common complaint is the inability to get away from work.  The only way to avoid it is to power down all electronic devices and shut down the internet connection, knowing that it will all be there waiting when the power button is pressed again.

Even mobile professionals need a physical office to call home and a desk from which to base their operation.  The Aspen Mountain Funky Legged Hutchtop Desk is a perfect home base.  “Funky” is a great word to describe this extremely unique design.  It’s more like a piece of functional art than a piece of log furniture that can be called a desk.  It has several drawers in which the mobile professional can stash away papers and chargers and portable memory devices.  Its minimal design sports a perfect ledge for a laptop while offering workspace for writing and shuffling papers.  This desk is a perfect blend of rustic décor and modern art, and a fitting home station for all the technology that today’s mobile professional enjoys.