Which Rustic Bed Are You?

Natural Slab Rustic Bed
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Which Rustic Bed Are You?

I realized that whenever I’m not at home for days or weeks, the first thing I’d miss is my bed. My bed is a portal to a world wherein what matters is my comfort, my pleasure, and everything me. It’s just the most personal thing around, isn’t it?

We don’t usually give a heck about our bed, but I think everybody should start thinking about paying a little attention to it. You know, if I would give the bed a particular role, it’ll be a mother or a wife. It’s what you turn to when you’re tired, and you sulk in it when your mood is not that great.

So here’s the real story, because of my new-found interest in beds, I tried to figure out what I can do to make my bed even better.

I didn’t want to know the boring stuff first so I just went straight to designs. I would have to tell you now that you’d have to thank me later because I actually found beds that would fit perfect with whatever personality you have. Personality-beds: who ever thought that could happen?

Check out my matching below and see if it works well with you. By the way, these are log beds which make these items practical to purchase and very well crafted.

The Artist: If you think the word “creative” describes you well and you are the person who doesn’t settle for the mundane, check out Twisted Trails Mega Sunburst Juniper Log Bed. Its crazy design will definitely spice-up your bedroom.

The Workaholic: This next design will fit what I call the workaholic-type of person. You basically want order. You keep things simple and manageable. You do entertain a little bit of adventure once in a while but nothing too spontaneous. I’ve found the log bed that would suit you just right. Have a look at the Olde Towne Log Panel Bed.

The Outgoing: You are the type of person who gets to be invited to every party. You have strong sociability and everything about you just screams “energy.” I think your bed should allow you movement and space that’s why the Rocky Creek Barnwood Highland Panel Bed would be the rustic bed for you.

The Kind-hearted: As the name implies, you are just full of heart. Your kind to people and people just find you easily lovable. Log bed is something that you’d probably want simply because you have attachment to nature. You deserve a log bed, especially something that is as cozy and warm as you are; so check out the Timber Haven Barnwood Bed.

The Conservative: If you are the kind of person whose interests tend to lean towards all things conventional or traditional, and you have the penchant to keep things as they have always been; here’s a conservative choice of log bed you’d probably like to own: Sawmill Rough Sawn Timber Spindle Bed.

The Spontaneous: You like things or simply do things unplanned. You like raw experience and might just do go for things impulsively. Nonetheless, your sense of both innocence and adventure makes you just charming for other people. I saw just the log bed to match up your spontaneity. Go see the Natural Slab Barnwood Bed.

If you would notice, I missed out on a lot of other personality that people could have. I’m sorry; there’s just too many to include. But even so, I believe whatever personality you have, you could definitely have a bed that would suit you just perfectly.

Just a tip: If you can’t find a perfect design, have it customized. Wood is the most flexible material and craftsmen would be sure thrilled to create your design. Be sure to check out Log Furniture Place. They have very well-crafted log beds, plus rustic beddings and décor to give your bed the complete look that’ll definitely be a statement.

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