Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture made from 125+ year old wood

Barnwood Furniture for all rooms and spaces

Our reclaimed barn wood carries a rich, rustic finish that can only come from decades of natural aging. All of our banrwood furniture designs are hand-crafted and feature reclaimed barn wood that has been salvaged from farms and homesteads of yesteryear. Customers love our barn wood collection largely due to the natural beauty of the wood its self. When you have wood that carries as much character as this, we feel its important to not over complicate the design; instead, we prefer a more simple look that lets the wood do all the talking. Our barn wood furniture collection covers every room of the house with bed frames, buffets, coffee tables and more. Also, we incorporate barn wood into a wide variety of styles from traditional rustic to modern. So, why wait? The barn doo’s open! Come on in and mosey ‘round a while.

Barnwood Furniture is a true piece of American history

Some of the barn wood used in our furniture is over 150 years old. Yup, you read that right! 150 years old! This unparalleled wood comes from old barns all across the mid west. Customers love our barn wood furniture because we let the wood speak for its self and features the character, look, and feel that comes from years of weathering extreme elements. Some customers have been worried that the age of this wood may impact its quality. In actuality the age of this wood improves its measure of quality. It’s also worth saying that not all barn wood is equal; we make certain that none of the wood used in our furniture is defective or at risk. On top of that you can find comfort in that the fact that our expert wood workers have been working with reclaimed barn wood for more than 20 years and have perfected the process of treating and preparing the wood for furniture building. They take extra care to make sure the wood maintains its natural character without compromising the quality of the future its used to construct.

Giving Barn Wood a new lease on life

One of our favorite aspects of our barn wood collection is that this truly seasoned line gets a new lease on life in the form of rustic barnwood furniture. We take a lot of pride in this since we appreciate the story behind this wood and where it came form. This wood was once an integral component in a structure that embodied the backbone of this country. Barns dotted across the landscape helped feed the nation as it grew and expanded West. More than that, these barns embody the spirit and character of the people that built them. That’s why we make sure to preserve every knick, gnaw, nail hole, and any other distinguishing character, which tells the story and rich history this wood represents.

If you’re searching for down home country furniture, we can help!

If you’ve been searching for a great piece of reclaimed barnwood furniture with an elegant finish, we’re sure you’ll find it here. Nothing says country (or western) better than a perfectly aged barn door that’s been repurposed into a functional set of bunk beds or a graceful dining room table. But, don’t take our word for it, browse our full line of fine barn wood collection today and you can see for yourself. We carry rustic barn wood designs for every room of the house: barn wood dining tables, barn wood beds, barn wood coffee tables, barn wood vanities, and so much more! Shop our rustic barn wood furniture today and we hope you’ll be able to see the soundness of the craftsmanship and the glowing beauty of the barn wood. If you find a piece you think you like, just pause for second and envision how incredible this natural aged barn wood would look in your home!

Did you know…?

If you see a piece of barn wood furniture you love on our website but wish it were longer, taller, darker, lighter – or wider – you’re in luck! We’re happy to make Custom Furniture built to your specifications. Simply ask and we’ll help you create a one-of-a-kind design that’s functional and unique.

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