Aspen Log Rustic Furniture

Aspen Log Rustic Furniture

Ah, hearty rustic Aspen furniture – a must have for anyone with a love of rustic decorating! 

Grown high in the mountains, Aspen trees mingle among elk and live a life full of wondrous adventure. Did you know they twist and turn in response to the forces of nature? The Aspen’s ability to weather extreme temperatures makes it a favorite among home and lodge owners looking for the best in rustic log furniture. 

From beautiful burls to natural gnarls, our line of rustic aspen furniture has it all! 

When snow falls, the Aspen tree’s branches weigh heavy. Bending under the pressure, they snap back to attention come spring thaw. This accounts for the wood’s many unusual features – from burls and gnarls to elk rubbings. It also makes it a highly durable choice that stands the test of time when crafted into fine lodge furniture and rustic country décor items.

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