Hickory Log Rustic Furniture

Hickory Log Rustic Furniture

Need to find furnishings tough enough to withstand a little rough and tumble?

If life at your place is a bit rough and tumble, you’re gonna love our line of Hickory home, lodge and cabin furniture. A North American tree that’s known for its tough yet springy nature, we use it to make some of the most durable rustic wood furniture on the face of the planet. Well, okay, that may be stretching it…but, it’s definitely hard wearing.

When the natives get restless, send them to a bedroom full of chic primitive furniture!

Help your guests get a good night’s sleep with log beds worth cozying up in. Rough hewn Hickory – with its trés chic gnarls and burls – is a great choice in rustic decorating for anyone who’s as concerned with function as they are form. If your taste in rustic décor leans toward the dark, rich and inviting, Hickory is the wood for you. It's also the authentic look for Adirondack cottage furniture.

Did you know…?

After finding a great piece of Hickory wood furniture on our website, you may wish it were longer, taller, darker, lighter – or wider – and you’d be in luck! We’re happy to make Custom Log Furniture built to your specifications. Simply ask and we’ll help you create a one-of-a-kind design that’s functional and unique.

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