Rustic Lamps & Lighting

Beauty often reveals itself in the smallest details – take our rustic lights, for example! 

If rustic decorating done right fills you with a sense of pride, we bet you pay close attention to detail. We do, too. Our extensive line of rustic lighting are hand-selected for their ability to brighten up any space in more ways than one – because beauty often reveals itself in the smallest of details. 

There’s more than one way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside… 

From task to ornamental lighting, we can help you cast a beautiful glow on the elegant wood furniture and rustic country décor items that currently grace your decorated space. Bring even more of the beauty found outdoors inside today. Shop our wide selection of rustic lamps, Western lights, chandeliers and other fixtures.

Did you know…?

Not all lamps and light fixtures are created equal. Those offered by Woodland Creek are hand-selected for their ability to add both beauty and brilliance to your home, cabin, cottage or lodge. When selecting a lamp or light fixture, take time to consider where it will be placed. Make sure it can provide sufficient light for the tasks to be carried out in that location.