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Taxidermy Rustic Decor

Taxidermy Rustic Decor

Nature being what it is, no two pieces of Woodland Creek’s taxidermy art will ever be created equal…

We believe in equal rights for women. We even believe in equal airtime for (some) politicians. But, that’s where we draw the line! Who ever heard of rustic country decorating with log furniture or reclaimed wood furniture and cabin decor items so matchy-matchy it even made the hunting dog sick? Nature doesn’t work that way. Neither does our close knit community of premiere tanners!

He throws it, it’s long and the raccoon – poised at the 40-yard line – goes in for the catch…

Whoever said life isn’t all fun and games was a party pooper! At Woodland Creek’s, we celebrate every great aspect of country decor and rustic decorating with a nod to wildlife in all its glory. Explore our taxidermy collections for mounts (like fish, fowl and football-playing raccoons) and freestanding big game ready to guard the foyer or entry to your wood furniture home, cabin, cottage or lodge.

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