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All Aboard the Ark

Don’t choose between your favorite critters when selecting your next iconic piece of taxidermy, as this dream design Noah's Ark Taxidermy features them all!

Not all home additions are essential, we know that and while we pride ourselves on creating rustic furniture that will last a lifetime and help you to create beautiful memories in your rustic properties, we love a bit of fun too! Don’t believe us? Think we are all business and no party? Then take a look at this amazing centerpiece that takes furry friends and immortalizes them as worthy focal points forever. Or should that be FUR-ever? 

We all know the biblical story of Noah saving two to seven of every animal on his ark and now, you can display a little homage to that beloved tale, thanks to our Canoeing Quartet trophy design. You might not be able to get two of everything God created in this quaint canoe, but we’ve managed to include a skunk, red fox, badger and a beaver all together and what an eye-catching motley crew they are! As cheeky as they are cute, this gaggle of furry friends look right at home in their bark canoe and we know they will look perfect in your home too. Why? Because they are the perfect rustic accessory and the workmanship of the taxidermy itself is second to none. 

Mother Nature blesses us with stunning creatures to display in our properties and as such, we think they need to be treated with the utmost care and respect. You don’t want to be left with a threadbare trophy with wonky eyes, after all. You want a faithful representation of the majesty of the animal as they were when alive and scampering through beautiful woodlands and that’s what we bring to you with each of our stuffed taxidermy designs, whether whimsical or more natural.

We think of taxidermy as similar to furniture creation in that it is a specialist skill requiring dedicated craftsmanship and artistry to perfect. With this in mind, we only work with the best materials and the most laudable tanners in the country, to guarantee you a taxidermy trophy that will last for years to come and bring joy to all that gaze upon it. Given that sports enthusiasts are some of the keenest collectors of taxidermy displays, we have to be aware of our audience and you are a discerning bunch. Rightly so too!

Thinking about how particular you all are, we know that you might love the concept here but be looking for a different array of critters to be featured. Perhaps you are an ardent collector of squirrel trophies and you’d like to continue that theme, but within a Noah’s Ark setting? We can and will be delighted to accommodate you. You can have your choice of animals, displayed as you wish, so don’t shy away from asking! Our team of creatives will be happy to bring your vision to life if you get in touch to discuss your preferences.

Shipped for free and within six working days, when in stock, you won’t have to wait long to welcome the newest additions to your family.