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Every Little Girl Adores Horses

Barnwood furniture goes with any bedding set.If you’ve had your fill of My Little Pony and Tinkerbelle characters swathing your child’s bedroom, you will love the breath of fresh air found in light hearted rustic bedding sets. Imagine finding a happy medium between your adult sense of good taste and your daughter’s imagination. Even this is possible with some planning.

Kids grow so quickly, it hardly makes good budgetary sense to spend a fortune on little girl designs in bedding when you know she’ll think it is far beneath her in only a couple of short years. These days, it is smarter to get more use out of things we purchase. She won’t outgrow the styling of Pink Paisley rustic bedding sets overnight. Whether you add that needed touch of bright color and femininity to reclaimed barnwood furniture for her bedroom or blend a little cowgirl with a traditional white girl’s style bed… you’ll both love this lively combination of colors.

Granted, it may not be the choice that first pops into mind – putting rustic barnwood furniture in your little girl’s bedroom.  Then again, imagine how lovely this bed ensemble would look on log canopy beds too. It’s not like you are stuck with only one choice when it comes to rustic furniture. You could really have a grand time dressing up a four post cedar bed with rich pink bandana print and hot pink polka dots on black.

The makers of this lively modern design in rustic bedding sets has also given you an assortment of accessories that can be employed to jazz up log canopy beds in the most endearing fashion. Instead of the traditional and expected fashion of draping dripping lace over the top of this kind of bed frame, here you can have a whole lot of fun. The window valences in this cheeky black polka dot print would look great ruffling around the top rails. The coordinating pink cowgirl paisley tab curtains could also be employed in a delightful twist as the floor length corner curtains on one of our four post cedar beds.

Don’t forget to add the more realistic horses to satisfy your little girl’s dreams. We suggest collecting Breyer horses for their lifelike beauty. At some point in time, My Little Pony is going to start looking babyish to your daughter and you will be regretting investing a large sum of money in her earlier enchantment. We can’t promise you that she will not outgrow her delight in plastic horses. Quite the opposite, most likely one day she’ll be nagging you to buy her a real horse she can ride like the wind upon.

And you thought that rustic bedding sets would be boring or only right to use at the cabin! This one even comes in baby bedding ensemble that is wonderfully fetching and up to date. Yes, there are log cribs of far sturdier construction than these new mass manufactured affairs. Add a few throw rugs and some horsey prints or framed photo posters and you’ll be amazed at just how imaginative and delightful barnwood furniture or log canopy beds can make your little girl’s bedroom into a stylish and magical place.

  • She-She Vaughn

    I am sa SouthEastern Folk Artist, although have desire to paint Western. I live on my parents farm (including thee barn that once boarded my horse.). I teach art therapy to autistic kids at a local barn (nicely refurbished, not for recycle). And last but not least, before becoming a professional folk artist, I was a junker/antique dealer. So, if you hear of ANY opportunities, please feel free for them or yourself to contact me. Keep me on your BARNWOOD mail list. P.s... Thinkin of doing Scotts Antique Market outside when ' turns warmer. Maybe our paths'll cross. She-She