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Farmhouse Made Fabulous

If you’ve always thought of farmhouse style furniture as less glamorous and more quaint, prepare to be shocked by our take on the quintessential dining room design genre.

Farmhouse furniture has a knack for conjuring images of freshly baked bread, hearty meals and a focus on functionality, sometimes at the behest of style. It’s ok to admit that, especially when we’ve made a big effort to add the wow factor back into rustic furniture designs! We wanted to keep all of the charm of farmhouse furniture, just without any of the fuddy duddy features and that’s when our Western Winds Farmhouse Table came to us.

The perfect blend of pretty and practical, we’ve used distressed pine timber to recreate the look of authentic barn wood, just without the price and because it’s not imbued with real American history and heritage, we didn't feel bad about adding a splash of color too!

Just look at those rough sawn marks! The ideal way to age and distress new wood, our artisans have become masters of replicating the charm and character of barn wood in new, sturdy timber. This gives you a table that looks as though it has a story to tell, but will also last a lifetime and let you create your own family memories around it. The color schemes we chose to offer also guarantee that your table will never go out of style or look out of place in your home. Call us old fashioned, but we believe a rustic dining table should be a once in a lifetime purchase, not a disposable piece that gets replaced every season. And yes, we know that means we will sell fewer of them, but customer satisfaction is a bigger priority than empty profits!

A stunning base, with double x features, sits below a thick and tactile top. Even the biggest Thanksgiving feast won’t pose a problem here, but you might struggle to choose from the color options we have, not to mention the eight standard sizes! For the top, we have four colors, ranging from a neutral weathered grey through to a rich and decadent antique barnwood. Then comes the all-important base. Will you contrast with a traditional whitewash? Go a little dramatic with a deep ebony? Or what about matching the top and bottom finishes, for the ultimate in cohesive farmhouse designs? Whatever you choose, you can rest easy that we will put the same amount of care and love into each option, with finishes applied by hand for the perfect coverage.

Forget what you think you know about farmhouse furniture because you don’t need to be herding cattle on the daily to deserve this family centerpiece! Supplied with a lifetime warranty, we know you’ll quickly realize that this is an investment, not just a new table. What’s more, we’ll ship for free within the 48 contiguous states, so keep that in mind when you’re wondering whether to buy chairs now or later. Smaller pieces can incur a delivery cost, but chairs will ship for free when bought with a table.