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Get the Facts on Aspen Log Furniture

Aspen is a natural choice for your rustic furniture.When furnishing your home to be a warm, rustic oasis. You want everything to be natural looking, but still contemporary and sophisticated. One of the best ways to go about doing this is by choosing to place aspen log furniture in your home to give it a woodsy, yet upscale feel. The logs used for our aspen wood furniture are naturally pleasing to the eye, and our preparation methods are the best possible ways to bring out the attractive qualities lying beneath the surface.

The aspen furniture is crafted through a long, meticulous process. First you should know that aspen trees are only grown in the northern hemisphere, primarily in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  Dead-standing aspen trees are located and collected, which is a great benefit to the forest and the environment. Next they are peeled using a draw blade and are hand-sanded, which is the best way to make the most beautiful aspen wood furniture. The hand-sanding brings out each of the inherent knurls and patterns in the wood. Just as in nature, no piece of aspen wood looks exactly the same, so you’ll have your own unique, natural-looking pieces throughout your home.

The care of your rustic log furniture is simple and not at all time-consuming. Using a soft, non-abrasive cloth and high quality furniture polish is very important. You should always clean in the direction of the grain with only a slightly dampened cloth, and be sure to not leave any moisture on the furniture for an extended period of time after dusting. You should keep your aspen furniture away from heat, chemicals, water, and direct sunlight, because you don’t want your rustic furniture to dry out.

If you plan to place something on top of your piece of aspen log furniture, make sure to use a soft disk to protect it from scratching. Also be sure to allow ventilation between the item and the wood. These steps are very important to prolong the beauty and life of your aspen furniture.

The style, craftsmanship, and endurance of our rustic log furniture is unmatched by any other manufacturer. When you enter a home furnished with our rustic furniture, you will feel as though you are stepping into a natural, woodland environment, which will bring comfort and relaxation to you.

When you look around your home, you will constantly be noticing different details in your furniture, because each piece is so unique. Your guests will be impressed with the sophisticated, untrendy abode you dwell in, as well. They will be awestruck by the beauty of your home, and the high-quality furniture you have adorned it with. Striking aspen furniture will make an impact on everyone who sets foot in your rustic domicile.