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Great Log Furniture Indoors and Outdoors

If you've chosen log furniture for your home, don't forget outdoors, as well.The big windows that are so popular in homes today are definitely something long overdue. Letting in natural light and adding the blues, greens and browns of the outdoor world become part of your indoor living certainly has brought new life to the sense of home. That beautiful blend of sky and water, soil and greenery blend together to create an atmosphere that is so peaceful and relaxing. Adding log furniture and rustic furniture increases that aura even further.

Natural peace from the inside out, it’s a breath of fresh air even on a cloudy, blustery day. Let that sun come out a warm the earth and you yearn to head outside. Spending some time on the patio or porch is always good for rejuvenating from a long and harried day. We’ve got a great selection of beautiful outdoor log furniture. Our outdoor wooden furniture collections feature outstanding craftsmanship, made from Northern White Cedar. Each piece is unique, and will look great in your outdoor living spaces.

There are several pieces of outdoor furniture that you can mix and match from Woodland Creek’s. We offer log patio chairs, log picnic tables, log porch swings, log rocking chairs, and evenyard or garden accessories. We have everything you need to deck out your…deck.

The log patio chairs and great for lounging and enjoying warm weather. Pour a glass of iced lemonade and relax in total comfort on your porch. For your backyard barbecues you’ll find our cedar log picnic tables are sturdy and stylish, perfect for those family and friend get-togethers. But wait, keeping the kids busy during these barbecues can be a challenge. That’s where log porch swingscome in handy. Let the adults enjoy the comfortable log rockersetwhile the charcoal is working its way to the smoky BBQ perfection stage.

All of our outdoor wooden furniture is made of the finest quality logs and will last a lifetime, even with a herd of rambunctious children clambering over the porch swing. You’ll find the same level of quality in materials and craftsmanship with our huge selection of indoor log furniture as well. We’ve seen to it that you can outfit every room in your home with the solid, natural beauty of real wood that will outlast mass manufactured pieces made using modern techniques and inferior quality materials.

Log furniture is the perfect combination with the view outside that bay of windows in the kitchen, oversized door wall in the family room and picture window in the living room.  Stone fireplaces in dining rooms and living rooms are popular today, and log dining room furniture or log living room furniture is the natural companion to compliment their beauty. You certainly couldn’t find a better place to enjoy your organic salad than a 100% natural wood table and chairs. If you ask us, they go together beautifully!