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Luxury That Whispers

There’s a time and place for incredible furniture designs that take center stage in any room. We know, because we have created plenty of them! But one room that can afford more understated luxury is the bathroom. Think about it for a minute and you’ll agree.

You’ve had a long day and all you want to do is run a bath and relax. Do you need a glitzy, focus-grabbing bathroom suite demanding your attention? No! You need timeless elegance that offers up a stunning backdrop for a bubbly soak! What’s more, you need plenty of storage, so all the mess that a family seems to make can be deftly organized and hidden away, out of sight. Cue our Reclaimed Barn Wood Linen Closet!

When you want to combine a love of rustic design with practicality, in your bathroom, a rustic linen closet is absolutely the way to go. With two interior shelves, which are adjustable, a multitude of size and orientation options and a finish suitable for increased moisture and humidity, we know you’re going to love how our closet whispers of insinuated design luxury, rather than needing to yell.

Called Back to the Barn, this particular design takes full advantage of our extensive timber selection process. Where competitors might simply claim to use reclaimed wood, we take the time to source timber with a minimum of 100 years of history and we look for those interesting colors and patinas. Why do we invest so much time? Because it allows us to create pieces like this one, with natural variances in color making for unique and beautiful designs. We don’t stain our reclaimed timber closet, instead, we let the organic warmth of each plank shine through a protective clear lacquer, because who is a better artist than Mother Nature herself?

Although the artistic elements have been taken care of, we still want you to get involved with the creation of your new rustic linen closet, which is why we offer such a wide variety of customizeable options, including:

Width – Choose from eight widths, ranging from 18” to 42”. We think this range gives you the best chance of finding a size that will work well for your bathroom.

Height – Need a little extra height? We have three options to choose from.

Orientation – We always ask where you plan to place your closet, in case we need to make allowances for walls, rustic bathroom vanity units or anything else. The lip on the top, for example, needs to be considered and we go the extra mile to ensure a snug fit.

Hinges – This might seem like a small issue but changing which side your hinges are on can be an unnecessary hassle, which we remove for you. Whichever way you want your doors to open we are pleased to facilitate you.

The wood we use already has a lifetime of American character and we know that you’ll love your linen closet forever, so we ship with a lifetime warranty in place. It’s just another thing we take care of that will help you to relax and unwind.