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Modern Technology Meets Rustic Style

You'll be keeping your TV in this barnwood furniture for years!Flat screen TVs are the norm these days, with expansive models dominating the electronics departments of nearly every store. Sleek and thin with crisp, clear displays, these TVs fit right in with the modern technological movement. However, getting one to fit in with your rustic décor might not seem so easy. The slim, shiny style works much better with contemporary furniture than log furniture, which may make you think twice before putting one in your cabin or lodge.

The Reclaimed Barnwood Flat Screen TV Armoire from the Wyoming collection solves this problem. TV armoires conceal your television whenever it’s not in use, keeping the modern flat screen style from interfering with the rugged look of the rest of your living room. Built from a mixture of reclaimed barnwood and regionally-harvested solid woods, the Wyoming TV armoire makes an attractive addition to your living area.

Barnwood furniture has certain characteristics not found in other furniture styles. The reclaimed wood used in the Wyoming collection has been in the outdoors for ten or more years, giving it a weathered appearance and unique patina. Colors in reclaimed wood vary more than those in fresh wood, from deep orange and rust tones to a grayish cast that only comes from spending time outdoors. Visible wood grain forms part of the style, along with natural knots and other accents acquired through years spent in the elements.

In addition to giving you an attractive place to store your flat screen TV, the Wyoming armoire has two drawers to organize everything from the TV remote to your favorite DVDs. Your choice of four types of drawer pulls— dark bronze oval knobs, faux antler, contoured aspen wood or tooled leather —further enhances the style of the piece, making it uniquely yours. This customization, along with the unique appearance of the barnwood, allows you to seamlessly combine rustic décor with modern television models. Pair the piece with other barnwood furniture and you’ll have a lovely, timeless style that will last throughout whatever technological changes come in the future.