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Perfection and Proportion

How many times have you been searching for a piece of furniture, only to find exactly what you want, but in the wrong size? It’s even worse when there’s no possibility of adapting or asking for a custom piece that will perfectly fit your home, as it feels like a real tease! Well, that’s not the case here, as our gorgeous Sawmill 4 Drawer Rough Sawn Chest has not only been designed to be the ideally proportioned addition to any room, it is also available in a medley of different sizes.

You might be wondering why we chose to make this piece in so many size variations and the answer is simple…because no two homes are ever the same! Dimensionally, some might be similar, but every individual customer has personal storage requirements and different takes on interior design, so while we think that this option is ideal for a bedroom, you might not agree and might need something with even more organizational capacity. The great thing is that we don’t change our production methodology or standards for any option within the rustic Sawmill collection.

Everything you need

We wanted to keep this range simple, so our 4-drawer option comes with nothing that you don’t need but everything you want. We homed in on the details that would make this a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, backed up by a lifetime warranty, which is why you’ll discover high quality full extension drawer glides, hand forged metal accents and a sturdy stance.

Using trusted pine wood, we leave the saw marks from our machinery intact, to give a far more aged and rustic chest appearance, without compromising the strength of your finished piece. Finding the perfect rustic chest of drawers can be an endless task, especially when you want something that will last plenty of years, so with this option, you get the best of the aesthetic you love, but with modern build quality. That’s a double win. What’s more, you can choose from four separate color finishes, giving you some artistic involvement and allowing you to choose the level of rustic that you really want.

Let’s talk about the metal accents for a second. We said that we wanted to keep the overall styling as simple as possible and we have, with a proportional and linear design made from perfectly manipulated wood, but we needed to up the ante, just a little. After all, we are known for our exquisite design flourishes! That’s why you’ll find hand forged metal drawer handles. They might be an unfussy strap design but knowing they have been crafted by artisans makes all the difference and you can choose to add corner accents to match.

Designed, made and shipped for free (conditions apply) in the USA, our sawmill 4 Drawer Chest is the answer to your storage needs and gives you easy access to coordinated furniture pieces for other rooms. You can’t have too much of a good thing, or so they say, so why not check out our 7 Drawer version as well?