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Rustic Décor Makes a Relaxing Bathroom

These medicine cabinets keep things where they belongWhen planning a new design for your bathroom or master suite, incorporating rustic décor isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. But if you live in a lodge or cabin, or you simply like the atmosphere that log furniture brings to a room, it makes perfect sense. The look and feel of natural wood pieces is perfect for the rest of your home, so why not the bathroom as well? As practical as it may be, the bathroom is also meant to be relaxing.

You may not take much notice of décor as you’re zipping through your morning routine before work, but on those days when you have time to kick back, the overall atmosphere of the bathroom suddenly becomes important. Rustic décor is much more laid back than most of the modern, clinical bathroom designs out there today, and the Cedar Lake Logger Medicine Cabinet is a good example of that. Combining useful storage space with the attractive look of log furniture, this medicine cabinet gives you a place to keep everyday toiletries while bringing the unique look of cedar to your bathroom.

White cedar logs take on a special personality when they’re hand-peeled. Dark strips of inner bark are left behind as a contrast to the bright cedar wood while natural twists, knots, burls and insect tracks are revealed as an integral part of the design. Clear finish preserves these characteristics while protecting your medicine cabinet from potential water damage. If you have something a bit more rugged in mind for your bathroom décor, go with the honey pine finish for an aged look. Either option looks great in the bathroom whether the cabinet is your first rustic piece or the crowning touch for a full cabin-style bathroom.

When you use log furniture in your bathroom, you change the atmosphere from basic and bland to bold and fun. A log medicine cabinet combines necessity with beauty for an accessory that’s useful and unique whether you’re rushing through a hectic morning or relaxing at the end of the day.