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Shine Some Light on the Situation: Rustic Log Lighting

Accent your rustic furniture with the right lighting.Nothing looks as beautiful in the dark as it does in the light. You can have the most stunning, well-decorated home, but if you don’t have the right lighting, your prized possessions will not be showcased properly. To solve this dilemma, you need to illuminate your home and it’s collection of cozy log furniture by adding some rustic log lighting.

The thing is, decorating with rustic furniture; you can’t just throw in any old piece of lamp or overhead lighting and expect it to look right. Any modern lighting fixture you choose will stick out like a sore thumb unless it intermingles with the existing solid wood furniture in your home. You can’t go wrong when you add log lighting, because it is just right for the rest of your design scheme, which will make it blend in seamlessly.

When you enter your rustic home and feel as though you are walking into an extension of the natural atmosphere outside, you know you have done a good job decorating. With rustic log lighting illumination, the spectacular aspects of the fine wood detailing of your furniture is perfectly highlighted. The overall look and feeling in such a home will give you an immense sense of comfort.

When you settle down to read a good book, you’ll want a reading lamp in close proximity to your favorite chair. Perhaps you’re more the stretch out on the couch type who takes advantage of the lamp on the end table. There is a striking log lamp just right for either location, crafted in the same sturdy manner with a smooth surface and loads of character. Log lighting is always handcrafted, each one made of solid wood with natural and rustic detailing to complete a striking piece for any location.

Rustic lighting designers have created lamps appropriate for every room in your home. The rustic chandelier will be the high level centerpiece of some rooms, such as the foyer or hanging stylishly above your dining table. In your game room, you will have a gorgeous bar lamp and a pool lamp to match. A rustic pendant will be a graceful addition to your refined living room, and you always have room for a rustic wall lamp or sconce. A rustic ceiling fan can be a breath of fresh air in your room, in more ways than one.

In an overly plasticized world, your entire home is so inviting and relaxing as a natural and rustic oasis, and rustic lighting is a very important part of that theme. With the right piece of rustic log lightingin each room, your whole design scheme will come together flawlessly. Why add the same standard and boring lighting that everyone else has in their home? Complement your rustic furniture and the uniqueness of nature’s creativity with just the right pieces of rustic lighting.