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Simple Artwork Complements Country Decor

Art Prints are great accessoriesFocusing on basic shapes and neutral colors in your rustic decor gives your home a comfortable, laid-back feeling that helps you unwind even in the midst of a busy schedule. Whether you live in a cabin, cottage or modern suburban home, the furnishings and decor you choose go a long way toward creating an atmosphere that promotes relaxation. The goal is to combine the best of the natural world with accessories such as art prints to make your home as comfortable as possible.

Colors De La Nuit I by Shirley Novak is a stunning contemporary print that adds a touch of simple beauty to any room in your home. Through the use of basic lines and a limited palette of colors, the artist creates the image of flowers growing and blooming. Green, yellow, cream, red, pink and brown shades make appearances throughout the piece. Some, like the red of the flowers on the left-hand side of the piece, are used in broad swatches. Others appear as simple accents, a burst of light against a dusky background. The setting is vague so you could be in a forest, a field or even your own backyard, watching the flowers emerge from the ground. A few dark buds rise between the open blooms, hinting at the promise of more color to come. This simplicity is the perfect complement to all kinds of wood furniture, making the print suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and more.

Since Colors De La Nuit I is so simple, you might want to dress it up a bit with a custom frame. Choose a frame that balances out the colors in the print and complements your country decor. For an even more unique appearance, have the print reproduced on canvas rather than acid-free paper. Both bring out the beauty of the floral image, but canvas adds some of the depth that you would get with an original painting. Whatever you choose, you'll get a beautiful art print that will brighten up your home for many years.