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Storage that Stands Proud

It’s a tough call to make functional storage furniture that can also stand alone as a beautiful item. More often that not, one of the two priorities has to fall a little flat, but we have worked hard to create a range of dressers that not only look incredible, but also give you access to the valuable extra organizational potential that your home needs. What’s more, we make these pieces so sturdy and fit for purpose that we ship them to you, complete with a lifetime warranty! How many other companies can say the same thing?

Picture a rustic dresser and we bet you’ve included some rough edges, maybe a few unnecessarily fussy accents and a good dose of woodworm that will have your jumpers falling through drawers in a matter of a few years. Are we right? Well let’s change that perception right here and now, with our Sawmill 9 Drawer Rough Sawn Dresser. Don’t let the name fool you, as this is one smooth operator that feels as good as it looks, we just don’t hide the saw marks, to give you the rustic look you want, but with none of the splinters you don’t!

We age our solid pine to give you the barnwood dresser look but without the eye-watering price that usually accompanies it and we’ve really thought about the drawers here as well. Six large slide-out drawers, with full extension glides, are topped by three smaller options, foal l those accessories and personal items that get lost in large sideboards. With this in mind, we think this is the perfect addition to any rustic-themed bedroom, especially when you consider how delicate we have kept the metal accents.

There can be a temptation to go overboard with the metal touches, but in a bedroom setting, you need to create a balance between sturdy and soft, so we have finished our timber dresser with slimline metal drawer pulls (hand forged by and optional corner accents. Want to keep things as unfussy as possible? Simply leave off the accents and let the wood do all the talking. It’s that easy.

Rustic doesn’t necessarily mean antique, so if you’re thinking that this is the perfect dresser for you, if only it was a different color, you’re in luck! We offer you four finishes to choose from, with Antique Barnwood being the darkest and most impactful and Weathered Gray offering a significantly softer and more romantic aesthetic.

We design and build furniture for discerning customers that know exactly what they need. We inject a hearty dose of domestic pride into every item of furniture we create and we ship free of charge to the contiguous 48 states, because we are the face of American craftsmanship and we want to always go the extra mile for the people that believe in us and support our dream. That’s why you can customize almost everything we make and if our standard options don’t quite fit your ideals, get in touch and let’s see what we can do.