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Tips on Creative Decorating with Log Beds

Smooth and clean, canopy log beds can wear many decorating styles honestly and with class.Working on new and exciting bedroom décor opens the door to so many different choices. You will want to select furniture that will be long lasting and timeless in styling. Log beds are hand crafted from solid wood by artisans who understand the natural beauty found in furnishings for the home. The best investment is found in buying quality solid wood furniture that is well made and very good looking. This is not available just anywhere. You can count on rustic beds that are crafted by hand to give you years of use and beauty.

Southwestern décor themes are popular in many parts of the country and the textiles used look right at home on log beds. Not everyone likes the appearance of the fabric designs found within this decorating theme. If you prefer a more subtle or flowery look to your bedding, this shouldn’t steer you away from enjoying the long lasting beauty of rustic beds. You can accomplish some really stunning looks in the bedroom with a more unusual selection of bedding and window treatments.

Imagine for a moment that you have just traveled from the teeming metropolis of Old New York or Boston in a covered wagon to the wilds of the undiscovered prairie or the thickly forested ridges of the Smokey Mountains. Naturally, you will have brought your lace curtains and chintz quilts which would grace your newly built log bed crafted from the hickory trees or aspen right there around your new home in the wilderness. The combination of textures of polished and refined materials against rustic beds is perhaps unexpected but can be quite arresting. Such a room is very far removed from Indian blankets and log bedding cowboy sheets.

Rustic beds can be dressed in very feminine fabrics and become the picture of cozy invitation, while making a highly individual statement. Perhaps it is because the complete presence of log beds is so very unpretentious, that they can easily carry just about any color and any decorating style so well. They will make a wonderful focal point in the bedroom where they are the largest piece of furniture. Using rustic furniture can set the mood or steal the show, depending on what other furniture you coordinate them with and the linens used to finish making up your bed.

Many of today’s clean and colorful contemporary fabrics used in bedding and accent pillows take on a very bold look used on log beds. The purity of the honest wood and its natural personality is again a surprise combination yet can be so trend setting.

Unlike stained woods, rustic beds are perfect coordinated with any color of fabric under the sun. For instance, pink fabrics would lack that designer flair for hitting the tonal balance just right with an orange toned wooden bed frame. To carry this color off artistically you want to lean toward blondes, true browns and away from the reds. Log beds will be easier to work with and get that sharp designer look no matter what colors you want to try next.