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Use Aspen Furniture to Create a Unique Dining Room

Aspen Dining Chairs for a Unique SettingTraditional dining sets often feature smooth surfaces and sleek lines that harmonize in the elegant setups seen in furniture commercials and showrooms. These have their own type of beauty but can't match the unique nature of aspen furniture like the Daybreak Light Aspen Log Dining Chair. Every gnarl, burl and knot in this stunning handmade chair echoes the beauty of nature and adds a special touch to your dining room.

Each Daybreak Light Aspen Log Dining Chair features hand-peeled aspen logs arranged in a sturdy square base. Two short logs make up the front legs while taller logs stretch up on either side of the back to frame a group of four vertical slats with slightly flattened surfaces. These are set at an angle to provide comfort for anyone who sits in the chair. The slab seat sits on top of shorter aspen logs that provide added reinforcement. Kiln drying ensures that the wood won't warp or crack and tenoned joins increase stability.

You never know quite what you're going to get when you invest in rustic decor. Though pieces are made with the same configurations, the rugged nature of the wood means that there are unique surprises every time. Choose regular aspen logs for your dining chairs to enjoy the simple bumps and checks that appear on the wood or select "extra gnarly" aspen for a look that's truly exceptional. Finish options include clear, which keeps the natural color of the wood intact; and honey, which provides a warmer tone. Both feature low gloss catalyzed lacquer for a smooth look.

No matter what style you choose for your log furniture, the Daybreak Light Aspen Log Dining Chair will make your dining room stand out. Arrange a collection of standard chairs around a matching dining table, cap off the ends with arm chairs and you'll have an arrangement that invites family members and guests to gather for a shared meal and some quality time together. The result is a scene that looks far better than anything you'll ever see in a furniture commercial.

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