Aspen Furniture Accommodates a Crowd

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2013-09-19 10:00:19
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Spacious Dining TablesHave you ever found yourself scrambling for extra table space or seating when hosting a large family gathering? Getting everyone a place and making sure they're comfortable can be one of the most stressful parts of entertaining. Instead of filling your dining room and kitchen with tray tables and folding chairs, consider investing in an Aspen Lodge Log Dining Table. This stunning piece of log furniture comes in six different lengths to accommodate crowds of any size. Whether you're looking for a simple 6-foot table for daily dining and holiday entertaining or you need an expansive 11 feet of space, the Aspen Lodge Log Dining Table delivers with rugged beauty and charm. Each leg is made from a unique aspen log, harvested in an environmentally friendly manner from dead-standing trees. This not only ensures strong support for the smooth tabletop; it also means that every table has its own distinctive look. Plus, since dining tables see a lot of wear and tear and you never know what's going to get spilled, the piece includes a protective clear finish to keep the entire surface looking beautiful. Of course, you don't want to surround your brand new aspen furniture with just any seating. The Aspen Lodge line also provides arm chairs and side chairs to help you create the perfect dining package. With four different combinations of chairs to choose from, you'll always have enough room to seat all of your guests. For those times when you're expecting the entire extended family for a special visit, you might want to try a bench or two instead. Adorning your dining room with aspen pieces is a beautiful way to expand your style of rustic decorating. All aspen has its own personality with twists and bumps, checks, decorative cracks and more appearing on each piece. Bring these characteristics together to create a dining room that's perfect for every occasion. Your friends and family will admire the look of the wood and you'll appreciate the careful craftsmanship that ensures the longevity of the piece.
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