Benefits of Purchasing a Black Walnut & Rustic Cedar Log Swivel Bar Stool

Benefits of Purchasing a Black Walnut & Rustic Cedar Log Swivel Bar Stool
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2022-06-09 14:00:00
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If you fancy a rustic and vintage-looking stool for your living space or bedroom, choose cedar log furniture for the best aesthetic look. Cedar Log Bar Stools are a perfect piece of furniture for your favorite corner in the room. Made with black walnut and cedar wood, this cedar log bar stool will add a charm to your space like no other rustic furniture.

It has a lovely aroma that will fill your room and create an elegant ambiance for you. You can pair it up with a qualifying table to make a pair. If you love lively aesthetics, then read through some of the benefits of a Rustic Black Walnut Cedar Log Bar Stool for your home. 

Adjustable Seating

One of the best features that can make any stool great is adjustable seating. If the seating options are limited or rigid, it can take all the fun away from a stool. In this Rustic Cedar Log Bar Stool and most of our bar stools; you can choose between 24-inch or 30-inch seat heights. Not only that, but it also features a black walnut swivel seat that allows comfortable mobility of the seat. Having an adjustable seat height allows the customers to use it conveniently. 

This natural beauty is manufactured to offer you the best and smoothest experience. It is made in the USA with free shipping and a special price to enhance your buying experience. 

Exclusive Material

What makes this stool stand apart is its unique design and exclusive built-in material. If you're wondering about the stool's durability, you don't have to worry because it has white cedar legs that offer maximum sturdiness. When placing an order for a log round bar stool or the same collection, you can expect production completion in about 7-9 weeks.

The material black walnut is a highly renowned wood material that lasts long and has a charming aroma. With a white cedar warranty, you don't even have to worry about or doubt the durability of the stool's legs. 

Pick Your Design

This rustic cedar bar stool delivers you the best quality at a regular price. You can also receive special offers on this product and free shipping when the shipping needs are met. If you need more information on dimensions, sizes, benefits, or styles, you can always reach out to us. We have excellent customer service and cater to the needs of our customers very promptly. With 7-8 weeks of estimated production completion, you can expect the stool to reach you soon after and deck your space ambiance.

Once you've placed the order, you can track orders to ensure the safe and timely delivery of the product. All in all, this product is a very charming one and is sure to add elegance to your home. There's no substitute for the vintage look that a rustic cedar log bar stool can bring to your beautiful space. Pair it with similar rustic furniture, and you're good to set a stellar impression on your guests.