Choosing a Rug from Antigua Series XI Collection

Antigua Rustic Rug Collection
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Choosing a Rug from Antigua Series XI Collection

The Antigua Series XI Rustic Rug Collection is a collection of rugs made from 100% polypropylene fiber, giving the rugs a lush, soft, and luxurious feel. The rugs from this collection are made using the Prismatic Color Processing technology that mixes and matches up to 500,000 shades of color in a single rug. 

The Antigua Series XI Rug Collection comprises three rugs, namely; 

  • Antigua Series XI area rugs
  • Antigua Series XI room rugs

Rustic rugs help you add that rustic and easy feel to your home. If well-placed, they give that finished feel to the design and bring the room's decor together. Some of the things to look out for when choosing the right rug are: 


The Antigua Series XI Rug Collection comes in four colors, namely:

  • Blue
  • Chocolate
  • Pewter

Check to see which color goes best with your color palette. For your porch, consider a color that goes with the surrounding environment. Generally, blue matches well with whites, grays, and other shades of cool colors. On the other hand, chocolate and pewter go well with warmer colors like brown, burnt orange, cream, and others.


Are you looking for an old-fashioned, contemporary look with a dash of feel to your home? The chocolate and pewter Antigua Series XI rug can help you achieve that. If your decor is more contemporary and you want to add a rustic hint to the space, the blue rug would be an excellent choice. 

If your decor leans toward neutrals, the pewter and chocolate can help you maintain that look. However, blue and pewter are better choices if you want a brighter space with vibrant colors.

Shape and Size

Your rustic rug should fit your space perfectly. The rug's shape should follow your space's architecture to create flow and harmony. The Antigua Series XI collection of rugs come in the following sizes;

  • 8'×11' Room Rug
  • 10'×13' Room Rug


If you need a rug for a large space, the Antigua Series XI area and room rugs are what you need. They come in various shapes to suit the space and position you would like to place them. 


Antigua Series XI rug collection comes in different styles and sizes to suit your décor needs. Whether you want a decorative rustic rug for the hallway or a warm rug for the porch, you can always count on the Antigua Series XI rug collection.

Get yourself a Antigua Series XI rug to add that rustic, warm, and grounded feel to your home.

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