Get the Facts on Unique Teak Wood Rustic Furniture

2010-10-13 12:13:28
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Teak is a durable form of rustic furniture that is beautiful, as well.You have exceptional taste and style, and you like to show it off by displaying your gorgeous wooden outdoor furniture made from teak. When a person lays their eyes on the fine craftsmanship of this rustic log furniture, the striking features and rustic details of the pieces you have chosen definitely won’t go unnoticed. A material that has always been prized, teak wood has been used to outfit and adorn the homes of the wealthy and powerful since around the 7th century. The wood was once used to build entire ships, because it has extraordinary abilities to ward off dry rot, fungi, and parasites. Today, teak has decorative uses on finer leisure boats. The finest teak wood comes from trees that have grown slowly in natural forests; this makes for the most durable type of teak wood. Teak from very young trees is more likely to split or discolor. Because of this knowledge, growers of teak know that it will take around 80 years before a tree they plant will be ready for harvesting to be made into rustic furniture. Grown in an environment that is hot, wet, and humid, teak wood is the perfect choice for your wooden outdoor furniture because it can withstand similar conditions. The finest teak wood comes from trees that have grown slowly in natural forests; this makes for the most durable type of teak wood. When you make the choice of teak wood for your rustic log furniture, you can be sure that it will age beautifully. Teak wood has a very high content of natural oils, which makes it unnecessary to treat the furniture with varnish, wood sprays, oils, or preservatives, although you may choose to apply a special teak oil if you want your outdoor furniture to have a surface sheen. These natural oils protect it in even the worst weather conditions, and make your rustic furniture resistant to pests such as termites. The colors of teak wood furniture vary from light brown to dark brown, and no two pieces are quite the same, just as no two trees are quite the same. You get your money’s worth with teak wood furniture, because the amount that you would spend on annual waterproofing of other wood is saved when you purchase teak furniture. Objects made from teak over 2000 years ago have been found intact in caves in Western India. This is unheard of for log furniture that was un-used, un-treated and un-cared for. Because of the awesome qualities that teak wood possesses, previously used teak - such as from old ships or structures – is often made into teak wood furniture when it is no longer needed. With all of the excellent attributes of teak wood, you can’t go wrong in choosing teak for your wooden outdoor furniture. This gorgeous wood will create the perfect rustic wood look for years to come.
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