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Illuminate Wood Furniture with Unique Lamps

Great Handcrafted Table LampsAs fall creeps in, the days begin to get shorter and you find yourself reaching for the light switch more often. A sign of the long winter to come, these days can seem dreary without the right illumination in your cabin or lodge. When you're looking for a way to brighten up autumn mornings and evenings, consider unique rustic decor like the Fallow Deer Floor Lamp.

Standing around six feet tall, the Fallow Deer Floor Lamp is handcrafted from real antlers. Every antler was shed naturally, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of antler furniture without worrying about its impact on wildlife or the environment. The entire base of the lamp, including the stand that elevates it slightly from the ground, is made from antlers. No metal poles or manmade adornments are found. This makes for a 100 percent unique lamp design that exudes the inherent beauty of the wilderness.

In contrast to the usually soft, round shapes found in wood furniture, antler pieces feature curves and spikes that vary depending on the size and age of the antler. Colors are different as well, with antlers falling somewhere between tan and dark brown. No finish is necessary to enhance their natural charm. Skilled craftsmen work with the antlers to make a lamp that flows organically from top to bottom, drawing the eye and turning your living room into a woodland oasis. Add other antler furniture or accents to the room for a cohesive style that draws attention and generates comments from friends and visitors.

Grab a 100-watt light bulb and choose a coordinating lamp shade to finish off your Fallow Deer Floor Lamp and truly enjoy its beauty. When used with other lodge decor, this stunning piece of art brings a combination of ruggedness and elegance to your home. Every time you turn it on, you'll not only get the benefit of extra light at the end of a dim and dreary day, but also the enjoyment of having a bit of nature right in your own home.