Hand Hammered Copper Sinks, Copper Tubs and Copper Towel Bars

Hand Hammered Copper Sinks, Copper Tubs and Copper Towel Bars

Few things are easier on the eyes than the luster, look and patina of copper!

A true compliment to rustic furniture, copper is as easy on the eyes as it is to care for. Few things can quickly add as much brilliance and beauty to your surroundings. Its characteristic luster, look and patina bring instant grace and warmth to any space. And, whether you’re looking for a piece that’s hammered copper sink's classic appeal or something more ornate, Woodland Creek has it!

Caring for our copper products is simply matter of routine rinsing…

With copper sinks upkeep is easy: Rinse clean with water after each use and allow to air dry. Naturally anti-bacterial, copper doesn’t require scrubbing or disinfecting. Clean using mild soap and a soft cloth periodically, but AVOID abrasives. Coat copper tubs, sinks and tabletops with Premier Surface Wax to maintain luster and stave off water spots, especially in hard water areas.

Did you know…?

Our copper products are easy to maintain and don’t require much care at all. If surfaces become scratched, they should regain their original patina with regular use. No other care is necessary, beyond knowing that copper DOES NOT respond well to abrasive cleansers or disinfectants.

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