Copper Bathroom Sinks

Handmade rustic country decor copper bathroom sinks from Woodland Creek’s stand the test of time!

One thing’s for sure – durability is always important. Hand-hammered copper bathroom sinks from Woodland Creek’s are made of the purest Grade “A” reclaimed and recycled copper for a look that stands the test of time…and then some! Our copper sinks for the bathroom enhance rustic and western decor while ensuring that your hand washing needs are met for generations to come. Additionally, a copper bath sink is highly eco friendly.

Enhance the look of authentic rustic decor with a copper bathroom sink from Woodland Creek’s…

Rustic decorating is an art form. You’ve spent precious time picking out the finest rustic wood furniture and rustic log furniture. Make sure to top the look off with an elegant copper sink from Woodland Creek’s. Our quality copper sinks for the bathroom regenerate their own protective patina which gives each sink antibacterial and antimicrobial properties – not to mention their beautiful finish!

Let the right bathroom sink bring your cabin decor or country furniture look together!

Whether you prefer aspen furniture, teak furniture or barnwood furniture a copper sink for the bathroom helps provide balance and add a touch of elegance. Lodge furniture and cabin furniture accents blend smoothly with our unique, hand-hammered copper bathroom sinks. Brush, floss and rinse with confidence before a beautiful lodge décor copper bathroom sink from Woodland Creek’s.