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Infographic - How to Build Log Furniture

How To Build Log Furniture

If building log furniture is not what you're up for, you can always visit our home page for a great selection of rustic items. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to build log furniture. If you end up trying on your own, feel free to post some pictures here and on our Facebook page. You can find our various log beds here if you're looking for any ideas.

  • Leroy

    Great how to. What size of tenon do you recommend? I see tenon cutters ranging from 1 1/4" to 2" and larger.

  • Joy Ann Jones

    The Larger the tenon the stronger the bed. I prefer the 2" tenons myself. Much stronger than the inch or inch and a half.

  • Milt

    Well, I built my first bed. By my calculations I spent more for the wood, tools and finish than I would have just buying a bed online. I'm sure it's not built as sturdily either - however I am pretty darn proud of the fact that I built it and if I build another it should be a lot easier the 2nd time.