Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is a bunkie board?

A.  A bunkie board is a structurally sound series of slats or boards or plywood that supports the mattress and negates the need for you to use a thicker box spring.  When using a bunkie board you have more headroom on the lower bunk and it keeps the upper mattress below the safety rails.  We highly recommend the use of bunkie boards on at least the top bunks of your bunk bed.


Q. How much assembly is there on your log and rustic beds?

A. Most of our beds will arrive with the headboard and footboard sections pre-assembled, you'll just need to simply attach the legs and side rails.  Very minimal assembly is required.  


Q.  What is the warranty on your products?

A.  Warranty information is listed on the Dimensions tab of each product page.  Custom items or custom ordered items will have an automatic 1 year warranty.


Q.  What are the adjustable feet for that come with my stump table?

A.  The feet serve a two-fold purpose.  1. As not all floors are perfectly level they are there so you can adjust the stump so your table is level.  2. The adjustable feet should be used to create some clearance under the stump for airflow.  Extend the feet for rugs or carpet.


Q.  What type of wood makes the strongest log beds?

A.  Proper design, solid construction, and proper drying and curing of the wood are more important factors than wood type when it comes to the strength of log beds.  You will sleep easy knowing that all Log Furniture Place beds are designed and built to be stable, strong, and will stand the test of time.


Q.  How hard will it be to assemble your rustic furniture?

A.  We've all had to assemble something that left us kicking and cursing, whether it was a difficult BBQ grill or a piece of furniture from that one Swedish store.  Worry not, Log Furniture Place pieces are easy to assemble and the tools required to do so can be found in your average household toolbox.   If you're still running into trouble assembling your piece, you can e-mail pictures of your furniture and included hardware to our Customer Service Team and they can provide assistance.


Q.  Is it okay to mix different types of log furniture?

A.  It really depends on your personal tastes and the finished look you're seeking for your space.  Sticking to all one wood type makes it easy to pull together a room without much concern in how it will turn out but Pine and Cedar are easy to mix as they are very similar in color and are often used together in the design of indoor furniture in our catalog.

If you're seeking rustic furniture made with real logs, then any of our Cedar Valley lines pair beautifully together, such as Olde Towne, Laurel Hollow, Westcliffe Pointe, Adirondack.  If reclaimed wood furniture is more your style, our Sawmill lines, which include Barn Door, Sawmill Hickory, Timber Haven, and Wyoming, among others, complement each other awesomely. 

We are confident you will find the perfect mix and match to fill your home, cabin, or lodge and if you do run into any questions or want some help just call our awesome sales staff who are more than happy to help you design.


Q.  Will I receive exactly what I see in the picture?

A. The pictures we provide will show an example of what you will receive.  Most of our rustic furniture is built to order and due to the rustic character of logs and barnwood no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.  Also we pride ourselves on never-ending quality improvements.  We implement small changes periodically when we can find a better way to build something, these changes may not reflect in pictures or video, and will not change the overall look of the piece, but will improve the stability and strength.  Examples of this would be switching from log supports on some beds to dimensional lumber to ensure the box spring doesn't rock on the bed.  It may include changing full extension slides to another brand that is better, any change we do is done for the betterment of the product and to give you, our customer, the best rustic furniture possible. 

Finishes can vary depending on the lighting used and how your computer screen is calibrated.  A yellow light will portray a finish differently than a pure white light.  


Q.  How durable is the rustic and log furniture you sell?

A.  All Log Furniture Place rustic furniture and goods are crafted from solid, real-wood logs.  Our skilled craftsmen employ traditional mortise and tenon construction, which has been used for hundreds of years.  Heavy-duty drawer glides ensure smooth gliding parts and top quality finishes provide you with a beautiful heirloom quality rustic log furniture piece.  Simply put, they're durable as heck and will last for generations!


Q.  I have cracks in my logs and/or barn wood!  Is this normal?

A.  Absolutely.  Remember, the piece of rustic log furniture you purchased is exactly that, rustic and log.  This means that there will be imperfections in the logs and real-wood used in crafting your rustic piece.  Cracks or “checking” happen in all wood in log form and sometimes in board form, especially large slabs, as part of the drying process.  These are part of the character of rustic furniture.  These naturally occurring cracks do not affect the structural integrity of your furniture and are not considered damage.  If cracks weren't normal in logs we wouldn't have any telephone poles still standing.  We all have cracks, it doesn't mean we're broken.  Our real reclaimed barn wood has aged/weathered and naturally dried for over 100 years.  During this time cracks/checks will appear.  Nail holes will also be in the furniture from when the barn was built as well.


Q.  What is 'draw knife' I keep seeing in product descriptions?

A.  A draw knife is a very old furniture and building tool. Today, log furniture makers utilize the draw-knife by pulling it towards the operator, producing a hewn appearance while giving the wood a smooth surface.  Draw knifing adds a rustic look and allows each of our pieces to be truly unique.


Q. Is there much difference between unfinished and clear finishes?

A. The variation in color between an unfinished rustic furniture piece and the same piece with a clear finish is slight.  The clear finish retains the natural wood color but adds more contrast and a low sheen.

Over time the clear finish will age and darken slightly.  Each piece of log and barn wood furniture receives 3-4 coats of sprayed-on finish, ensuring a smooth, even coat that creates a consistent look with complete protection.


Q.  What's the difference between Standard Finish and Liquid Glass?

A.  Standard Finish protects the beauty of wood on the tops of dining tables, coffee tables, vanities, bars, kitchen islands, and desks. These pieces of furniture usually experience heavy, daily use or a continual presence of heat, water or other liquids.

Liquid Glass is actually an epoxy resin poured onto a flat surface, completely sealing it.  It is not as hard as glass and leaving hot items (dishes out of the oven, a hot cup of coffee, etc.) could very well mar the liquid glass surface.  Also important to note is that Liquid Glass on rustic furniture surfaces, while aesthetically beautiful, can be subject to microbubbles and slight depressions around knots.  Liquid Glass is not fully cured until around six months after application.


Q.  Will my indoor rustic furniture darken over time?

A.  All unfinished, bare wood and ALL oil-based polyurethanes' get darker in color with time. The darkening of water-based acrylic finishes varies widely, however as a general statement, water-based finishes are more color stable than oil-based finishes and therefore will age at a slower rate.


Q.  Can I paint my log furniture?

A.  All log furniture can be painted if you order it unfinished.  For some styles, like country decor, painted log furniture could be perfect for your decorating scheme.  Before you paint log furniture though, we suggest you consider how the natural wood grain might look with your other country furniture. If your heart is set on painting the rustic furniture, be sure to use quality paints and prep the surface properly so your finished project is beautiful and will last for many years.


Q.  Are your products made in the USA?

A.  Yes, most of our furniture is made in the USA.  Any product that is made in the USA will have an American Flag on the product page underneath the Availability Banner.


Q.  Are the measurements listed on products inside or outside dimensions?

A.  All of our listed dimensions are approximate outside dimensions of the product (the amount of room they will take up). With rustic furniture, dimensions may vary from piece to piece and the dimensions may differ up to an inch or two on super rustic pieces like log beds, log vanities and log dining tables.  Also, some bathroom pieces will list cabinet sizes where the log trim will add to width or depth, like linen closet depth.  A cabinet depth of 18" will have log trim that pushes it to 19 1/2" deep and the top will then be 20 1/2" deep.  If you have any questions on dimensions please feel free to clarify with one of our amazing sales reps.


Q.  Will my mattress fit on your beds?

A.  Typically yes. All beds are designed and built to fit standard mattresses according to stated sizes. So if you have a standard size mattress and order the corresponding size bed, it will fit.

 NOTE ABOUT SOME BUNK BEDS: Twin over Queen or Full over Queen Bunk Beds will use an extra long twin or an extra long full/double mattress on the top bunk due to the queen mattress being longer.


Q.  How long will it take for my rustic or log furniture to ship and arrive?

A.  The estimated time of production of each rustic log furniture piece that we create is stated on each product page.  If you look to the right of the product picture, you will see a green box that states, “Availability: Estimated Production Completion ____ weeks”.  Once production is complete the products then move to our packing/crating department where your order is crated and then shipped.  The crating process will add time to the estimated production completion date.

We strive to build and ship each and every piece of rustic log furniture as quickly as we can without sacrificing the craftsmanship that will leave you with a beautiful rustic piece that will last a lifetime.  Because our products are custom made and hand-crafted, they take some time and things can happen that delay an order.  You are more than welcome to contact our Customer Service Team to check on the status of your order and we will keep you up to date regarding any delays.  Please remember that we do experience high production times, especially around holidays, which can cause production times to increase.

If you have requested a custom-made item it will naturally be made to order. With furniture and other products made especially for you, it can take a bit longer than the listed product production times.  If you need your furniture within a certain time frame please order early and make a note in the comments on when you would like your furniture.


Q.  I ordered my furniture based upon the due date the contractor gave me.  That date has now been extended; can you hold my furniture order for me?

A. Yes.  After placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation with an estimated due date.  If you need your delivery held longer than this estimated due date, please reach out to us. We are a family owned/operated furniture manufacturer.  While we may not have the room here at our facility to store orders, we do have a local insured storage facility that has given us special rates for storing orders.  We can pass these special rates on to you.   If you need your order held for longer than 2 weeks past your due date the following charges will apply:

  • Orders up to $2500 – they will be charged $75 per month
  • Orders $2501-$5000 – they will be charged $100 per month
  • Orders $5001-$10,000 – they will be charged $200 per month
  • Orders $10,001-$20,000 – they will be charged $350 per month
  • Orders $20,001-$30,000 – they will be charged $500 per month
  • Orders over $30k that need to be held – please contact us for rates

If you know you won't need your order for a few months, you can still place your order today.  We will assign your order a production date that will allow us to have it ready for your requested date. For example, it's April but you don't need the order delivered until September. Simply note this date on your order, and there will be no additional storage charges for the delivery in September.


Q.  Do you sell furniture plans?

A.  No. Does that famous fried chicken place sell their secret recipe to be made at home? :)


Q.  Do you cut sink and faucet holes for sinks and faucets?

A.  If you order a vanity with a vanity top and one of our sink packages bundled with the vanity we will cut the holes for the sink and faucet. We do not drill holes for vessel sinks and faucets as they can be placed in many various places and we do not want to take that choice away from you. If you want a non bundled with vanity sink package (aka different sink package from our site) with your vanity and would like the holes cut we can offer the hole cutting service for $25.00


Q.  Do you have Gift Certificates?

A.  We sure do. You can find them here.

Q.  Do your live edge slabs have bark on them?

A.  No, they will not as the bark typically falls off.  


Q.  If I didn't read the description and got something different than what I thought I was getting, or don't like it as much as I thought, do I still have to pay the restocking fee?

A.  Yes.  We do not want to increase our prices on all products, for all customers, in order to eat the cost of restocking returned items for free.  We take the time to write descriptions of all our products, and each is featured with numerous pictures, so you know what you are getting.


Q.  How do I care for my indoor rustic log furniture?

A.  We recommend finishing your furniture because wood is a porous material. It will easily absorb the oils and dirt on our hands and skin, leaving stains on your furniture.  A finish on the furniture will prevent oils and dirt from absorbing into the wood.  Finishing log furniture can change the appearance slightly but it is still going to look like the same beautiful rustic log piece that it did before. Finishing your log furniture will benefit you in the long run.

Before you start in making a choice of finishes, decide what effect you wish to achieve. If you prefer to finish your new rustic furniture or log furniture in a different color than those available upon purchase, be sure to use high-quality products for best results and long lasting satisfaction.

  • Stain Finishing: There is a wide variety of penetrating stains, many of which retain much of the wood's natural color and texture while adding a protective element.  Penetrating stains go into the wood without forming a surface barrier to avoid the problems of blistering and peeling of painted surfaces. They work well on wood with knots and deep surface texture.
  • Paints: Before deciding to paint rustic furniture, it must be realized that the natural color and grain of the wood will be concealed. If you choose to paint, apply the product according to the manufacturer's directions for the best protection and good service. A good alternative to paint is a stain that has been pigmented with the color you want. This will give the look of painted logs and hand-hewn surfaces with the added character and subtle pattern of the grain showing through.

Properly finished indoor furniture will give you a look that will hold up for many years and will require little more than a good dusting.

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