Rustic-Style Throw Pillows

Toss them here, toss them there – our rustic throw pillows dress up end benches and fine log beds!

Toss them here, toss them there…toss them everywhere! With nearly 300 to choose from, you can use our rustic décor throw pillows in a wide variety of ways. Accessorize end benches and fine log cabin furniture in every bedroom of your home, cabin, cottage or lodge. Introducing color and texture is easy with this effortless rustic decorating remedy. 

Quickly create an inviting cabin décor look by layering pillows across your rustic log furniture! 

From standard-sized throw pillows to oblong and square, Woodland Creek helps you quickly create an inviting look and add a touch of softness to rustic wood furniture. For maximum effect, begin with a few standard-sized pillows. Then, layer in a trio of squares. Next, introduce a few oblong pillows. Finish off your new rustic country décor look with a set of neck rolls. Comfy, huh? Don't overlook our super cushy faux fur throw pillows!

With a wide range of styles, you’ll find plenty of ways to showcase your love of wood furniture!

Earth tones, nature themes and ample fabrics and finishes give you plenty of throw pillow options to choose from. Want to showcase your love of lodge décor? Throw a few Galeana Wampum pillows in the mix. Are you partial to western furniture? Look for western throw pillows dressed in jeweled leather, fringe or horse print. Do you prefer cottage furniture? Opt for knitted pillows.