Pronghorn Antelope Head Trophy Mount

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High Quality Pronghorn Antelope Head Trophy

The Pronghorn Antelope are only found here in North America, and they have no relation to the African Antelope.  They are not large animals in comparison to deer or elk. Relative to body size, they have a large windpipe, heart, and lungs which allows them to take in large amounts of air when running. These features combined with an extremely light bone structure, contribute to the pronghorn's amazing speed. Pronghorn can maintain speeds of 40 mph for several miles, reaching 60 mph in shorter bursts.

Their name originates from the words, 'Antilo' = Antelope and 'Capra' = goat.  So their name should be Antelope Goat.  Bring out the raw nature of this wild beast in your living room, fireplace setting, game room, or bedroom and it's sure to get the conversation started.  Featuring the shoulders and head in full detail, including a spread pronghorn antlers.  We also do custom orders.  Just call for more details.  We proudly carry a life-time guarantee with all our work.  

Taxidermy is the incredible art of providing top quality workmanship to sports enthusiasts through wild game tanning and mounting.  Because we use only the finest materials available for our craft, and because we use only the premier tanners in the country, our work is second to none. The best quality leather tan we can possibly give you in a mount, combined with our skillful expertise assures you that your trophy will last generations.  It is sure to be a conversation starter.  

The stock picture is not the actual package you will receive.  Because Mother Nature blessed each animal differently, no two trophies will be the same. Feel free to browse our collection of other animals.

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