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We all know that with proper handling and storage, guns are perfectly safe, but nobody ever said that you had to forgo interior design prowess to lock your barrels away! Or if they did, we clearly didn’t get the memo, because our Aspen Highlands Rustic Log Gun Cabinet looks great and offers you exceptional peace of mind too. You think of your gun collection and we know you’d probably love to be able to have it out on display, on an open wall rack, but with kids, pets and all manner of other risks to be considered these days, a lockable cabinet really is the only way to go. We know this can be disappointing, which is why we designed a stylish option that allows you to see your beauties, all lined up, while also keeping them safely locked away. When we designed our rustic gun cabinet, we knew we wanted to use Aspen, because of the fantastic aroma it emits. We just know that in a games room or man cave, it will fire up the senses ahead of a day’s shooting. It also allows this cabinet to be placed in any style of home, thanks to the lovely contrast of creamy inner timber and rugged bark. It also looks great next to the crystal-clear glass in the door panel. After all, what’s the point in curating yourself an impressive arsenal if you can’t at least display it?  Inside the log gun cabinet itself, you’ll find storage for six of your favorite specimens. Butt grooves have been carved into the floor, for extra stability and slotted racking in the middle offers support for your barrels. Wondering where to put your ammunition, license paperwork and other small bits and pieces? We’ve included a smooth-gliding drawer at the bottom, for your convenience. The cabinet itself locks and if you’re concerned about the drawer being easily opened, just speak to us about lock options for that too. We’re never too busy for a semi-custom project that will get you the absolutely perfect piece of wood furniture for your home. We give your new gun cabinet a clear finish, as that’s all Aspen ever really needs, and we ship for free, complete with a one-year warranty. It’s our way of giving you reassurance that you’ve invested in a quality piece of furniture that will bring you joy for years to come and it’s also a way of saying thank you for supporting domestic craftsmanship.  When you buy from us, you are supporting not only US-designed but also US-made furniture. We are a family business that has gone from strength to strength thanks to our customers and their continued belief in our skills and vision and for that, we thank you all.
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