5 Solid Wood Storage Solutions You Never Knew You Needed

2021-10-08 14:29:00
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We’ve never met anyone that could say they have enough storage in their home. It’s just a fact that regardless of how well you plan your home or how much storage capacity you build in, you always end up needing a little more. It’s because as a species, we are natural hoarders, so instead of replacing items in our home, we simply add to them, thus creating the need for more storage. What a vicious cycle! There is hope however, as there are some fabulously clever solid wood rustic storage items that not only give you the extra organization you desperately need, but also double up as other useful installations as well. Let’s take a look at five of our favorites!

1.  Blanket boxes

Ah. the humble rustic blanket box. A perfect addition at the end of every bed that can store fresh linens and keep dresser drawers free for more important things. But don’t assume that’s all they can be used for. If linens aren’t your problem, a log blanket box could still be a viable solution. For example, if you are struggling for shoe storage, a blanket box could hold the overspill of your collection, while also providing you a handy seat for putting your shoes on. Let’s also not forget that they don’t have to be placed in a bedroom. A shoe box in a hallway could help keep your entrance clear and tidy.

2. Covert coffee tables

A stylish rustic coffee table is a must for any sociable home, but even more so when you can choose a design that has hidden drawers. While the surface is always useful for placing cups, magazines and other personal belongings, drawers let you hide them away, keeping everything clean and uncluttered. This can also be a great way to ensure that remote controls don’t suddenly disappear.

3. Storage beds

A great looking rustic bed is a pleasure but one that also has hidden storage? Even better! We’re not talking about standard divans here, though they can be charming, but REALLY hidden storage. Yes, beds with lift-up mattress platforms that reveal a wealth of amazing space just ready to house cumbersome blankets, bedding and anything else you can think of. To the casual observer, your bed will look like a standard design, but you’ll know the secret to your minimalist and super tidy room!

4. Organizational ottomans

If you’ve never thought that an ottoman would be the perfect finishing touch to your living room, start considering it now. They double up as extra seating, can easily cope with plenty of belongings inside them and can even become a favorite rustic pet bed as well. There’s nothing they can’t be useful for! Just don’t forget to check them during family games of hide and seek.

5. Proper entertainment systems

Don’t get caught up thinking that rustic entertainment centers are just bulky shelving units for your television, as when they are designed and built properly, they are considered solutions to bulky collections of games consoles, blu-ray players and screens, with extra cabinets and drawers as well. You’d never lose and controllers or remotes and tripping over cables is a thing of the past when they are all routed down the back of a clever unit. Maybe it’s time to replace that small table with something more fit for purpose! Solid wood storage looks great, works as you’d expect and has the ultimate benefit of a long lifespan. When built using proper craftsmanship there’s no concerns about anything breaking or looking dated, so step away from the flatpack and come over to the real wood side!
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