A Pampered Pooch Deserves a Rustic Bed

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2011-09-29 10:00:03
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Who says humans should have all the fun? Dog owners know that all dogs have their own unique personalities and preferences. They like to have fun, run around, and play just as much as people do. And, like people, dogs appreciate having a comfortable spot to go to for a snooze when playtime is over. After spending time roughhousing or on a long walk, taking a nap on the floor somehow doesn't cut it. Your dog needs a more comfortable place to rest until he’s ready to play again. You can get your furry friend a doggie pillow or mattress to sleep on, or you can step it up a notch and really pamper him with his very own bed. But any dog lover will tell you that you can’t settle for just any old thing when it comes to spoiling your pooch. A Lakeland Cedar Log Dog Bed matches other log furniture in beauty and quality, being crafted of the same Northern White Cedar that is popular in many human-sized pieces. Solid cedar logs frame a bed of cedar slats that can be customized with one of over 50 mattress styles. Three available sizes let you pick the perfect bed to accommodate your dog and make his nap time as comfortable as possible. While your dog will view a bed simply as a place to relax and sleep, you want to know that his resting place is safe. The Lakeland Cedar bed offers this assurance with its solid wood construction. No pressed or treated woods are used, so there are no chemicals to bother your dog. Both the clear and honey-colored finish options are water-based and eco-friendly, but if you prefer, the bed may be purchased unfinished, leaving the wood in its natural state. And since the wood used in the bed is left over from building log homes, you can feel confident that your log furniture is environmentally sound. You’ll love the rugged look this bed brings to your rustic décor, and your dog will love having his own space.
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