Advantages of Buying Rust Valley Red Cedar Double Rail Platform Bed

Red Cedar Log Platform Bed
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Advantages of Buying Rust Valley Red Cedar Double Rail Platform Bed

The bed is one of the most essential pieces of furniture you will ever get! Get the right one, and you can enjoy a good night’s sleep that will leave you energized. Choose the wrong one, and you will end up dreaming of log beds from Woodland Creek Furniture again.

What’s more confusing is that there are so many choices too. King size, queen size, twin, four-poster, shaker, sleigh — the list goes on. Now you might be wondering, with all these beds offering unique features, what makes the platform bed stand out. Other than being cost-saving, there are many benefits to the Rust Valley Red Cedar Double Rail Platform Bed.

You get a much broader choice in bed size. The cedar wood's red hues shine brightly, making it the perfect statement piece. Thanks to its attached platform drawers, you can also use it for extra storage. Or, select the twin-size bed for more space while sleeping. 

Here is a list of advantages for choosing Rust Valley Red Cedar Platform Bed with double log side rails.

Rustic Feel of the Beautiful Red Cedar Bed

The natural appearance of the wood will remind you of Asian décor. Everything about the bed is an extension of nature, from the streaks, rings, and clean, clear finish to the natural grains and texture. It has a beautiful spindled log headboard and a sturdy footboard for comfort. Plus, thanks to premium craftsmanship, it can simultaneously give you a royal feel. These highly durable and easy-to-maintain rustic beds can also last a lifetime.

Modern Look of the Platform Bed

In terms of style, this red cedar log bed takes the crown. This may sound a bit strange, but despite its regal appearance, it can also appear very minimalistic. The sleek look of the Rust Valley Red Cedar Double Rail Platform Bed flaunts extra-wide slats that also offer better support while sleeping. If you are afraid of the complex assembly process, you can go for this one.

Just the Right Height

The traditional beds may come with increased heights. If you have trouble sleeping on a bed with more height, the grounded structure is perfect for you. This low-profile bed frame, with double-log side rails, also offers mattress support. Also, the closer-to-the-floor height of the bed makes the ceiling appear higher, and the room feels more spacious. Of course, the customer can get a platform bed of standard height too. 

Queen and King Sizes Free Shipping

Need more reasons for buying the Rust Valley Red Cedar Double Rail Platform Bed? You can get free shipping on ordering this awesome piece of furniture. If you are tired of browsing through popular searches and customer reviews and still feeling confused, this should convince you. New customers can also get it at a special price.

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