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Cabin Must Haves For a Rustic Vibe

2021-08-27 13:04:03 11 view(s)

Cabin Must Haves For a Rustic Vibe

You might think that by their very nature, cabins are always rustic but plenty of people choose to decorate in a more contemporary way. If, however, you’re determined to capture that authentic rustic essence of the great outdoors, there are a few statement rustic furniture pieces and accessories that you simply can’t go without. Curious as to what they are? Then read on!

Snuggly textiles

First up, we have cozy textiles. Think about wool blankets and throws, plaid brushed cotton bed linens and hide rugs. The layered look makes for the most rustic vibe and the more natural the materials used, the better. Pattern clashing is a real look, especially within the rustic arena, so don’t be afraid to mix and match your checks, stripes and patchwork.

Log beds

Is it even a cabin if it doesn't have log beds? We don’t think so. From rugged bunk beds to gnarled four posters, turned log beds make for some of the most interesting and comfortable sleeping options around and we particularly like to use fragrant woods for ours, to ensure a fresh and relaxing bedroom.

Charcuterie boards

Nothing says ‘weekend away at the cabin’ like a fully stacked charcuterie platter, but ditch the china for something more fitting. Solid wood paddles, boards and platters are a great way to showcase your delicious ingredients in an unfussy way and they encourage everyone to dig in, family style. They also happen to look very stylish when casually out on display in your kitchen.

Game furniture

For days when the weather is less than perfect, some well-placed rustic game furniture is a must. From snooker and card tables to simple dart boards, everything looks a little more stylish and rustic when made from solid wood. We’d be tempted to add in a little home bar as well, fully stocked with delicious tipples for when the younger campers go to bed.

Critter ornaments

A little bit of fun, stuffed animal taxidermy make for cute decorative pieces and excellent conversation starters too. Especially ours, which have all been designed and created by taxidermy artisans at the very top of their game. We like to make both beautiful and whimsical pieces, so be sure to check out our full range.

Pet beds

The devil’s in the details, so for a really cohesive rustic aesthetic, don’t forget the smaller and furrier members of your family. Log pet beds and bowl holders are such an easy but thoughtful way to include everybody in the interior design and they just look fun too. Nothing like a brace of faithful companions sprawled in their very own solid wood bed to bring a smile to your face! Consistency and restraint is the ultimate key to a great rustic cabin. A few fun little touches and some key solid wood pieces are all you need to bring the great outdoors into your favorite retreat.

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