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Catch of the Day
10 months ago
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There’s no denying that squirrels are one of Mother Nature’s sweetest creations. Whether scampering around on the woodland floor looking for nuts or gracefully winding their way up a tree trunk, they catch the eye and invoke loud “ahhhhs” and now, they can take up a position in your home! No, we haven’t gone mad and we aren’t suggesting that you bring wild animals into your property, but if you love nature, enjoy outdoor pursuits and have a rustic vibe in your house, we know you are going to love our whimsical squirrel fishing trophy. Just look at this little chap! He’s pleased as punch with his catch and looks ready to head back to the lake to try his luck again, though we could maybe joke that it ran out when he was caught and mounted! Looking just as alert and alive as you would want, the shiny eyes, smooth fur and fun accessories are all testament to our artisans’ hard work to preserve and respect each specimen. Unlike some taxidermy stockists, we don’t skimp on the level of care and attention invested into each mount. We use the finest materials, from the solid wood plinths our creations are mounted on, to the animals themselves and everything in between. We work with the best tanners in the country and guarantee all of our pieces for a lifetime, which makes sense, when you think about it. Taxidermy has always been an art form designed to be passed down through generations of a family, with every piece being more loved and enjoyed with each bequeathal. Yes, our little fisherman squirrel might be a bit of fun and designed to inspire a giggle, but for families that love outdoor pursuits and sportsmanship, we can see him becoming a much coveted display piece.  We don’t think there is any limit as to where pieces such as this can be displayed. Anywhere in a rustic cabin, lodge or cottage would be a perfect display opportunity, bringing the great outdoors inside, with a good pinch of humor along the way. Though we also think this would work well in a modern home, as a conversation starter and most of all, in a games room. If you’ve ever wondered how to decorate a man cave or games room, quirky taxidermy should be at the top of your wish list. We don’t know about you, but we can see this proud and puffed up little chap sitting nicely next to one of your own fishing mounts! We have plenty of other unusual and lighthearted trophies to choose from, so if you like the idea of a sport-specific piece, take a look at some of our other designs and please remember that customizing is never too much work. We don’t expect you to compromise when it comes to decorating your home, so just ask us how we can tailor our designs to be more bespoke!
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