Catering to All Your Bathroom Storage Needs in One

Catering to All Your Bathroom Storage Needs in One
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2021-03-24 13:43:36
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We know you probably think you’ve seen everything a rustic bathroom vanity unit can do and we get it, but that’s why we decided to create a design that was simple in style but big on the optional extras. Prepare yourself, because you’re about to meet the ultimate bathroom storage unit. We thought hard about what people need in the bathroom. Easy to operate storage, surface space, somewhere that’s just for them and some useful little creative touches too. These are the things we came up with and wouldn’t you know that as soon as we had all of these on paper, an idea for a new unit struck. Our Real Hickory Log Bathroom Vanity no less. Similar to our Cedar Lake collection, our Real Hickory collection benefits from being entirely made from solid wood construction, with rustic hickory log trims added for gorgeous effect and this rustic vanity itself is chief amongst the entire bathroom catalog. We’ve included all the basics that you should expect from your furniture manufacturer. Solid wood, a choice of finishes, full extension drawer glides that are silky smooth and an open back for easy and fast plumbing. But it’s the optional extras that really tip this design to the next level.  Do you want a colored stain or clear? Would you like a thick liquid glass coating? Would you be interested in a concealed tilt-out drawer bin under the sinks? How about an optional chunky top? And what about a matching toilet roll holder? It’s these little touches that demonstrate not only our attention to detail but also gives you an opportunity to scale back on the things you don’t need in your bathroom. Traditionally, they aren’t the most generous spaces in the house, so by employing some clever space-saving techniques, you can get a lot more out of them. While also being able to relax, free from the stress of clutter or unsightly personal hygiene items, Naturally, however you decide to spec your new log vanity, it will be shipped with great care and for free, within the contiguous USA and with a staggering, industry-leading 20-year warranty attached. Knowing that this is a piece of rustic furniture that can last so long, you can think more about whether you’d like to add hammered copper sinks, designer faucets and what about a live edge backsplash? Nothing is off limits here, because this is going to be the start of the show in your bathroom for decades to come, so we need it to function above and beyond, while also looking spectacular for the duration of its life.  We know that a lot of rustic furniture companies talk a great game about being defined by their customer service standards but we really are. Nothing is too much trouble or a detail so minute that you shouldn’t tell us. We want to know about your room dimensions, your other color choices, your design influences, because that's how we can create something you’ll invest in and love for years to come. about that coordinating toilet roll holder and a liquid glass top finish?
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