Cool Parent Points – GUARANTEED!

Cool Parent Points – GUARANTEED!
2020-08-18 14:15:26
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Parents and grandparents come closer. Do you want to know the secret to never hearing the words “I’m boooored” ever again? It’s simpler than you might think, if you have some outdoor space going spare and a free afternoon. That’s right, we are talking about garden play sets! Our Double Tower Timber Peak Premium Play Set is the champion of outdoor children’s entertainment and can be customized as little or as much as you want. We know you’ll have a lot of questions, so let’s pre-empt a few of them! How sturdy is the rustic play set? – This is a solid wood log play set, constructed from Northern White Cedar. This is a strong timber, that has a natural resistance to both insects and rot, meaning that it will stand true for many years. We also put your mind at rest by having our talented team of artisans use mortise and tenon joins. Nothing is held in place with a few nails and prayer, we guarantee that! What is included, as standard in this log playground setup? – As standard, you will receive two towers (with fabric canopies), an A-frame segment, suspended log bridge to connect the towers and a set of monkey bars. From here, you can customize further by adding swings, slides, rope ladders, a trapeze and even a sandbox. The only limit is your imagination. Do you offer any warranty? – Of course! We know our quality is unrivaled and even though your kids or grand-kids will want to play on this every day and for hours at a time, we have no qualms in supplying the play set with a full five-year warranty. We don’t want you having even a second of concern, so let our guarantee remove any lingering doubts. The warranty is valid despite the play set being supplied in a natural state, with no seal or stain applied. That’s thanks to the natural decay resistance of the cedar. Will I have to build the set? – There will be far less construction needed than you might think! When we pack our play sets for shipping, we balance shipping costs with damage limitation and ease of assembly for you. Of course, we could disassemble every single piece and enjoy less costly deliveries, but we would rather cover a higher cost that reduces your assembly time significantly. All screw holes come pre-drilled for your convenience and our instructions are easy to understand. We are always available to help as well, so don’t hesitate to get in touch, if you are having any trouble. Shipped for free within the contiguous 48 states and available to buy through a transparent financing deal through our partner, Bread, your garden could get a seriously cool makeover in the blink of an eye. When you buy a solid wood play set from Log Furniture Place, we form a special relationship. You can take joy from the fact that you are supporting a domestic USA company and we get so much satisfaction from knowing that your children’s development and happiness is improved by something we can supply.
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