Copper: A Beautiful Way to Help Fight Bacteria on Your Rustic Furniture

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2010-10-06 12:53:52
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Copper is the perfect accent to your rustic log furniture.It is one of the most frequented rooms in your entire home, yet it is one of the last that one thinks of when planning their design scheme – the bathroom. Many people will go with the standard white ceramic sink, tub, and tiles, but why not choose copper? This design choice will give you a seamless transition from your rustic log bedroom into your rustic bathroom. The very first thing you’ll notice when you step into your rustic bathroom and reach for the light switch to turn on your rustic log lighting is the beautiful copper switch plate that you are resting your hand on. A switch plate is not something that people generally focus their attention on in any room, but copper is unusual and will most definitely be noticed. Copper outlet covers will also draw the attention of your guests. Instead of going with the standard covers that blend in with the wall, your outlets will be another great detail that will make your rustic bathroom the best it can be. When you step inside this exceptional room, you won’t be able to help but notice the distinctive copper tiles on the wall under your rustic log lighting. These are a striking addition to your room that will be the envy of your guests. Your tiles could be hammered, or could feature a star, a grape, or a fleur de lis, and any of these choices will be attention-grabbing. One of the most amazing pieces of rustic furniture that you can add to your bathroom is an extraordinary rustic log furniture cabinet outfitted with a copper sink. This is a gorgeous addition to your room that visitors won’t forget. There are so many varieties of copper bathroom sinks available that there is no way you won’t find the perfect one for your rustic bathroom. All of the patterns are elegant on these handmade hammered copper sinks, and each one is equally spectacular. Everyone who steps into your rustic bathroom will be in awe when they set their eyes on your magnificent copper bathtub. Sitting beside your rustic log furniture cabinet, this is such a beautiful piece of rustic furniture that will really pull your whole bathroom together. You can have a slipper, single slipper, or double slipper style copper bathtub, and any of these styles will be the envy of your guests. A copper bathtub is the ideal option for a person who wants to show off their distinctive taste and sophisticated style. A bonus to including copper in your rustic bathroom’s rustic furniture design scheme is that it is completely eco-friendly. Instead of worrying about sanitizing your bathroom accessories, you can be confident in the ability of your copper accessories to actually fight the bacteria that most sinks, bathtubs, and other frequently contaminated surfaces would normally harbor. Instead of scrubbing your copper bathroom accessories with harsh antibacterial cleansers, all you have to do is wipe them down. Another bonus is that age only improves copper, it does not damage it as often happens with other materials. Copper is a beautiful addition to any room in your home, from your living room to your rustic log bedroom, but when you use it in your bathroom, it can transform it into a stunning rustic haven. Instead of feeling like you’re stepping out of your rustic home to enter the bathroom, you will just be continuing your journey through the oasis from the over processed world that is your home.
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