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Cozy Up to Aspen Furniture

2014-07-24 10:00:25 6 view(s)

Cozy Up to Aspen Furniture

Consider Getting Aspen Dining TablesPutting together a dining set that looks great in your cabin or lodge means choosing natural log furniture with one-of-a-kind personality. The Aspen Dining Table With Metal Inserts delivers just that. Rugged, handcrafted components come together in a piece that features bold aspen design along with an eye-catching metal nature scene set into its surface. Starting with dead-standing wood, talented craftsmen hand-peel four thick aspen logs to use as legs and include the same detailing around the edge of the tabletop. Make this basic style your own by choosing light aspen, dark aspen or "extra gnarly" aspen depending on the statement that you want your cabin decor to make. Both the clear and honey finish options protect the wood and allow the burls, insect track and elk chew marks to shine through. Eighteen different metal inserts are available for this stunning table. Choose from fishing scenes, elk or deer, bear, Western themes and more for a beautiful finish that gives your table added personality. The insert is set into the tabletop behind a sturdy panel of glass so you can enjoy it every time you sit down for a meal. Make your Aspen Dining Table With Metal Inserts part of a complete dining set by adding a chair or bench package. You can choose plain seating made from the same type of aspen as the table or add metal inserts to enhance the style. Get a combination of side chairs and arm chairs or benches in varying sizes to give everyone in the family a sturdy place to sit. Each seating option features the same careful handcrafting as the table and is made to last just as long. Table size is another important consideration when purchasing aspen furniture, especially if you tend to host big gatherings on special occasions. The Aspen Dining Table With Metal Inserts comes in lengths ranging from five feet to ten feet so you can gather as big a group as you want to enjoy a meal while relaxing in a cozy cabin atmosphere.

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