Cuddle Up Close

Cuddle Up Close
2020-08-15 13:43:20
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Love seats aren’t just for inside the house, now that we’ve extended our garden furniture range to include the Contoured Comfort 4ft Log Love Seat! Made in exactly the same way as the rest of the Contoured Comfort outdoor log furniture range, our love seat benefits from a Northern White Cedar construction, offering natural protection against both pests and rot. If left in its natural state, it also ages gradually from a warm buttery hue to a beautiful silvery-gray that exudes timeless elegance into your garden. That’s not to say that a coat of stain, seal or paint wouldn’t go a miss, however, if you are keen to coordinate with other pieces of outdoor rustic furniture. When we set about to design a log chair that you can cuddle up in, we wanted to keep the look simple and the structure supportive. That’s why we made sure to keep the frame sturdy and just the right amount of chunky, with handy arms and a braced underside, all topped with a comfortable yet slightly more cozy seat. Standard two-seater log benches are perfectly sized for sitting a little closer, or sit alone and enjoy a more compact yet still undeniably beautiful piece of garden furniture. Perfect for smaller spaces and patios! While it would have been far simpler to finish the seat with straight slats, we know all too well how uncomfortable that can be after an extended period of time. Nobody wants slats jutting into the backs of their knees and who hasn’t felt the familiar dull ache in their lower back after sitting outdoors for a period of time? Well, we wanted to tackle both of these issues and have managed to do so with one, rather stylish, solution – expertly contoured slats! You’ll notice that not only do they curve over the lip of your love seat, offering a pain-free transition, they also bend to accommodate your lumbar region more effectively as well. When coupled with a subtly angled back rest, the result is not only great to look at, it’s amazing to sit on. Trust us, your back WILL thank you after a long family barbeque but take a look at our verified customer reviews for extra peace of mind. Garnering five stars from everybody, it is clear that our main objectives have been met, especially when people write, “Love it! Heavy do it won’t blow around, easy to assemble and most important it is comfortable!” Reviews like this are music to our ears, because your satisfaction is what we care about most, hence we do whatever we can to make your buying experience more enjoyable. Free shipping, within the contiguous 48 states, is something we are proud to offer, as well as foresight in terms of necessary assembly. Naturally, we need to ship your log love seat in pieces, to ensure it isn’t damaged in transit, so we include comprehensive assembly instructions and have made sure to minimize your inconvenience. You shouldn’t need much more than 30 minutes to erect your new seat and of course, if you need us, we are always easy to contact and happy to help.
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