Finishing Touches that Guarantee an Unforgettable Lodge

Finishing Touches that Guarantee an Unforgettable Lodge
It’s those little clever touches that make all the difference in interior design and take a space from nice to incredible and Pinterest worthy! When it comes to rustic lodges, there’s a fine line to tread. Go too far and you’ll create something that feels like a gimmicky Airbnb designed to lure naive out-of-towners, but fail to add enough subtle design features and your lodge will fall a bit flat. We’ve come up with our list of 10 must-have lodge inclusions for the ultimate rustic vibe, so let’s get to it!

1. Log bunk beds for the kids

They’re fun, built to last and look the part, not to mention the fact that you can get more people into one room than normal! Log bunk beds are the perfect way to maximize your lodge’s accommodation potential while not straying from the wider aesthetic mandate. 

2. Locally made rugs

Few things look or feel as good underfoot as a handmade rug and selecting one from a local maker means you can support a domestic US cottage industry, while also ensuring the imagery and patterns are authentic. Perfection!

3. Brushed cotton bedding

The feeling of brushed cotton rustic bedding is hard to beat, especially when the temperature drops. Choose a plaid for the ultimate in rustic pattern commitment and maybe accessorize further with some similar scatter cushions. 

4. A family dining table

The bigger the table, the more love you can fit around it and you don’t need to worry about it being perfect either. The odd scratch or nick makes for character and let’s be honest; you’d rather everyone was fighting over your yams than worrying about spills, right?

5. Mood lighting

Good lighting is essential for any beautiful home, but when it comes to an unforgettable lodge, you need to be tapping into the romantic and cozy vibe. Side lamps are absolutely the best way to achieve this, with copper bases for radiated warm hues and hide shades for extra rustic flair

6. A little whimsy

Lodges are magical places. Santa lives in one and everyone hopes to holiday in them, which is why they can easily house some funny little touches. Cute little critter taxidermy mounts make charming displays and put the fun back into your holiday home.

7. An all-wood bathroom

They still scare some folks, but wood and bathrooms really can work harmoniously, especially if you use red cedar! Antibacterial, gorgeous smelling and perfectly suitable for wet bathrooms, red cedar cabinets, armoires and linen closets really help you to commit to the woodland lodge vibe.

8. Plenty of throw blankets

If you think you have enough throw blankets scattered around, add a couple more and you are probably just about there. Anywhere you can sit, you want a blanket to cozy up and we don't think you can ever go wrong with classic wool or organic cotton.

9. A log fire

Whether it’s real or electric, a log fire is the ultimate selling point for any lodge. Is it even a lodge without one? The perfect focal point for a living room, we highly recommend a striking hearth and mantel, to make the most of it.

10. Somewhere cozy for the pets

Finally, don’t forget about your furry friends! They need somewhere to hunker down too and a rogue plastic bed just won’t do. Invest in a rustic wooden pet bed with a sumptuous pillow, so they know that they are right at home as well.  Follow these tips to create the perfect lodge for you and your family and let us know if you come up with any extra must-have additions!
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