How to Care for Your Copper Sink

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2010-03-15 21:09:53
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Copper Sinks are Easy to maintain!Are you worried about purchasing a copper sink because you think there will be a lot of work involved in taking care of it?  Don’t worry, so are a lot of other people.  By now you have read my blog on ‘How to Find and Choose a Quality Copper Sink’ so you know how to find and pick out a quality copper sink.  If not I highly suggest that you take a minute and read that blog…. All done?  Great!  Let’s dig in and find out how to care for your quality copper sink. How To Maintain Your Quality Copper Sink I’m going to start out with a quick statement: I’m going to stop saying quality copper sink now because you know the difference between copper sinks – all references to copper sinks = quality copper sinks. You are going to love this next sentence… When it comes to the general maintenance of a copper sink, the less you do to the sink the better.  Copper sinks do not require polishing or scrubbing.  Due to the tempering of the copper to a patina finish, your copper sink will feature an aged, weathered look.  No need to polish the sink because the weathered look is the desired look.  Now there are a few things you can do to keep your copper sink looking its best.
  1. Copper Sink Wax:  Copper sink wax is an easy to use sprayable wax which helps alleviate a lot of the cleaning requirements.  The sprayable waxes you will want to use will spray a natural bee’s wax.  The surface protecting wax will clean, protect, preserve and restore the luster of your copper sink.
How often should you apply the copper sink wax?  The best way to tell is to watch the sink, whenever water stops beading on the surface it is time to spray it again. Do copper wax on hand? No worries, here are a few more tips:
  1. Rinsing:  After you are finished using your copper sink, give it a quick rinse.
  2. Wipe the Copper Sink Out:  Do you live in an area that has a lot of mineral content in the water?  If you have hard harsh water it is a good idea to wipe the sink out.  Hard water, if left to sit on your copper sink’s surface for too long, can cause spots to form.
  3. If you ever need more than a rinse to clean your copper sink just use a soft cloth and a very mild cleaner.  Anything abrasive can scratch the copper sink which isn’t good, but a scratch isn’t the end of the world.
My Copper Sink Got A Scratch! The fact that copper sinks looks more beautiful with age is amazing enough, but the idea that copper sinks can heal themselves is almost unbelievable! It is true though.  If you happen to scratch your copper sink, don’t worry, just sit back and do nothing. Due to coppers ‘living finish’, the copper sink will heal itself.  Just maintain your copper sink as we instructed above.  In time the scratches on the sink will fade out and disappear. Do Copper Sinks Dull with Age? Copper improves with age, unlike many other things which will dull and lose their luster with age.  As time goes by your patina finish, that beautiful weathered look will deepen and become richer.  The more use your copper sink gets, the faster it will age. Amazing Fact Copper is a natural antibacterial.  Unlike stainless steel sinks, copper sinks actually fight bacteria.  It has recently been proved that bacteria can only live on copper sinks for a few hours.  Bacteria can live on stainless steel for several days!  Your copper sink can be thought of as self cleaning as far as germs go. With all of the wonderful qualities that copper sinks possess, it is hard to believe that everyone would not want a copper sink!  Copper sinks require little maintenance, they improve with age, they are antibacterial, and they heal themselves.  Along with adding a beautiful unique look to any bathroom, kitchen or bar copper sinks are the easiest type of sink to maintain.
karen lescher
Please help...we have a weathered copper sink which someone srubed with barkeepers do we bring back the color of the sink? Thanks, Karen
Jason Hunt
Hi Karen, Your copper sink should naturally heal itself over time. It will eventually patina again and the color will come back to what it was. Thank you - Jason
Bathroom Copper Sinks
Thank you ever so for you post.Really thank you!
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