How To Maintain Rustic Teak & Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Teak and Barnwood Vanity
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2022-08-04 17:20:00
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Reclaimed wood is usually made of pine, oak, and spruce. They are about 100 to 150 years old and have a certain character to them.   Mixed with rustic teak the two woods really compliment each other nicely.

Since the lumber has been dried for years, they do not need as much maintenance as the green lumber (you shouldn’t build with green lumber anyway). Reclaimed wood furniture can be one of the poshest and most artistic-looking pieces of furniture you can own. However, if you don't know where to start, the wooden bathroom vanity from woodland creek furniture might be just what you need.

Maintenance of Rustic teak and reclaimed wood bathroom vanity

While rustic teak and reclaimed wood don't need as much maintenance, they are still vulnerable to certain elements. Knowing how to maintain them is necessary to preserve their beauty.

Water damage

Water is known to be one of the worst enemies of wood. That is why using varnish on your furniture is important. However, that only helps to a certain extent as rustic bathroom vanities often come in contact with water.

Always remember to not leave anything wet like towels and wet toiletries near your wooden vanity. Make sure to dry your items before placing them back.

Swell and contract

Wood will swell and contract when you leave it around moisture, so make sure to purchase items coated with varnish. Without a good coating, it will swell and contract. This will then make the cabinets and drawers disproportionate.

Thankfully, the cracks and dents caused due to swelling and contracting only need a tub of paint to fix.

Sink options

When purchasing your reclaimed wood bathroom vanity, go for a copper sink as they are anti-microbial and hygienic. They also add to the rustic look of the vanity so you can get beauty with a purpose.

Stone sinks are also an excellent option for a natural look. They are made of a sturdy material so they can help your vanity with its lifespan. There are numerous other sink options, but these two are one of the best for a wooden vanity.

Different countertop

A different countertop is another great option. Opt for water-resistant materials so your vanity doesn't have to come in direct contact with the water.

Reclaimed wood is one of the best materials for any furniture.

While it is sturdy on its own, wood can be protected by several means. The above-mentioned options can be followed in order to make your rustic vanity last for a long time. You can also contact your dealer and wood experts to find out how to protect wooden bathroom furniture.