Live Longer With the Rustic Black Bear Top Clock on Your Table

Rustic Decor Bear Clock
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Live Longer With the Rustic Black Bear Top Clock on Your Table

Since childhood, we are accustomed to the cliché that life is short. But is life really that short? No. This statement is only used by people who have not taken the time to enjoy life. There are several productivity triggers and hacks you can use to enjoy yourself every single day. 

Most successful people put a clock on their office tables as a trigger to remind them to enjoy life. It might sound like a regular office table accessory, but the value of a clock should never be underestimated at any time. Getting a unique clock like the Rustic Black Bear Top Clock can help you achieve this goal. The clock will remind you to make the right decisions whenever you look at it on the office table.

Prioritize Your Social Circle

Let us be honest. We all have friends we hang out with, but by the time the party is done, we feel like someone has just sucked the life out of us. This happens for various reasons. For instance, when you spend time with an arrogant friend or someone who thinks they know it all. They will act as if they know everything about every topic you bring up, discarding it as boring. Worse, you always find yourself in their company whenever you go out. 

You could end this cycle by keeping something on your table that reminds you how precious time is. When such friends call, the Rustic Black Bear Top Clock will remind you not to spend your time with people who don’t value it. Afterward, find people who understand you and are willing to listen to you so that your experience together is fun and memorable.

Focus On What Matters Most

Most people think that time passes fast because they allocate their time to unimportant things or things they don’t enjoy. A clear example is a parent who mows their own lawn, and by the time they are done, they are too tired to fulfill other important obligations like playing with their kids. 

Possessing the Rustic Black Bear Top Clock reminds you to focus on activities that bring bliss to you and your family and delegate the other uninteresting and tiresome activities. Life becomes long enough if you spend it on activities that connect you with your loved ones. Applying the concept to your work gives you a longer life and makes you productive because you can focus on the few tasks that matter.


You only get one shot at life, so it is wise to live it to the fullest. Life is all about creating an environment that supports you. The simple decision of purchasing the Rustic Black Bear Top Clock is what it takes to ensure that you have the best return on time invested in each activity.

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