Noah's Ark Canoeing Quartet

Noah's Ark Canoeing Quartet
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Noah's Ark Canoeing Quartet

With multiple home decor objects and themes in the market, one might question the existence of taxidermy! However, the process of preserving wildlife creatively has emerged as a significant art form.

It is still a subject that people share divided opinions on! Some people consider it to be a symbol of cruelty, while others hail it as a way of safely bringing nature to your home!

In the past, people who were passionate hunters or very outdoorsy in general would prop dead animals on their walls to symbolize victory. Today, with the implementation of strict laws, you see taxidermy replacing the original thing. It gives your living space a quirky yet appealing touch.

Such decor objects depict quality workmanship and require skillful expertise. Mounting such items in your living room will add a dash of fur colors and natural goodness to the entire space.

One such item you can invest in is Noah's Ark Canoeing Quartet. As the name suggests, it is a mini canoe with four animals. Made with only the finest materials and best quality leather, this trophy mount piece is a must-buy for multiple reasons! Keep an eye out on our website, and you might receive special offers!

Animal Customization is Available

Noah's ark canoeing quartet is a playful take on taxidermy! Here, you will see four animals, i.e., a skunk, red fox, badger, and beaver, swimming away from the floods. However, you are not bound to just these animals.

After all, it is all about your preference! You can even customize it with all four animals of the same kind. Just enter your requirements while placing the order, and you will receive the same taxidermal mount requested.

Choose Different Shapes and Colors

Made with stock wood, this canoe has standard mount features and is brown in the shade. However, you can possibly utilize your creative skills and come up with a better color scheme that matches the interior decor of your house.

When this item generally ships, you can expect close form detailing! You can decide on the carvings or the overall shape based on your preference. Standard dimensions are 50" W x 12" D x 30" H, but the custom product size might vary slightly.

Use It as a Table Top Decor

This canoe is an animal quartet whimsical taxidermy piece. This quirky product is sure to appeal to all sports enthusiasts! However, it is always a hassle to decide its placement. You can simply place it in your living room on the center table in such cases.

If you are not convinced, give it a go for a few days! This quartet will pique people's interests and emerge as a conversation piece of the house!

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