Patio Furniture With Finesse

Patio Furniture With Finesse
2020-08-17 14:10:43
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If you’ve been making do with plastic patio furniture for long enough and thinking that there’s no alternative, especially when you want a parasol in place, think again! Here at Log Furniture Place, we have the best combination of patio-ready, comfortable, stylish and long-lasting, in the form of our Contoured Comfort Roundabout Table & Chair Package. We like to think that we have a good handle on all the things that you’ll be considering, when looking to buy new patio furniture and as such, we have accounted for them all. Stability – Nobody wants rustic garden furniture that is simply going to blow away or tip when a little wind gets up. We have made our beautiful log table and chairs set from solid wood logs, with bracing and thick slats, all to add the right amount of weight and the right rustic aesthetic as well. Rot resistance – Plastic always seems like a good option because it won’t rot, is easy to clean etc, but choose the right wood and you can have all that, plus a genuinely gorgeous set of furniture that won't blow away! We use Northern White Cedar, stripped to reveal the stunning creamy color underneath. Coupled with stoic White Pine, the look is fresh and bright, while also being naturally and organically resistant to not only decay but also insects. Mother Nature really does provide. Comfort – The real sticking point with a lot of garden furniture! If you are eating outdoors and having a great time, a meal can stretch into two, plus drinks and maybe even more, so you need to know that you’ll be comfortable in your seat. Traditional patio furniture can get too hot, stick to bare skin and moreover, isn’t usually designed with the body’s natural curvature in mind. Ours is! We use curved seat slats on our outdoor log dining chairs to remove all sharp edges, while also taking care of your lower back with an angled back rest. You won’t even need a cushion to sit on our fabulous chairs. Easy assembly – We ship to the contiguous 48 states for free, but to keep costs down, we obviously need to send your furniture in flatter crates. This means that there will be an element of assembly required, but we make it as simple as possible for you. From pre-drilling all your screw holes to supplying clear and concise instructions, we want you to feel empowered to build your new furniture, not frustrated by the process. We are also always just an email, call or live chat away, if you need us. We are happy to offer you a package price when you buy a log table and chairs together. It might seem like a big outlay, but you know that you don’t want to have a mismatched patio set, which is why we have partnered with Bread, a transparent and trustworthy financing agent that can help you spread the cost. All that’s left to do is pop up the umbrella, fire up the grill and enjoy yourself!
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