Perfect For Picnics

Perfect For Picnics
2020-08-16 14:07:06
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Individual rustic garden chairs are one thing, but for cohesive and close family meals, you can’t beat a picnic bench, sat out near the grill and within easy reach of some freshly cooked treats. That’s why we’re so pleased to be able to offer our Contoured Comfort Log Picnic Table. We’ve taken everything you know and love about these casual dining giants and added a little signature Log Furniture Place flair in the form of stripped Northern White Cedar logs, which we intentionally leave natural. You have the option to stain or seal as you see fit, but if you leave the table as is, you’ll see it age to a chic silver-gray in time, while not losing any of its natural resistance to insects and decay. What a wood! We wanted to beef up the overall design of the log picnic table, just to give you added stability, which is why we were careful to include cedar bracing underneath, while keeping the benches and top a little lighter by crafting them from White Pine. We have been generous with the bench width, as there’s nothing worse than a picnic table that isn’t comfortable to sit at or feels as though it will tip. Solid, beautiful and so sociable, we think we’ve combined the best of our design principles with a garden classic here and the end result is something that every outdoor space needs. Whether you’re shopping for a rustic cabin, an upmarket lodge or a suburban setting, this solid wood rustic picnic table and attached benches will not disappoint, and it can comfortably seat a surprising number of diners. Six adults can easily eat together here, or a whopping eight children, making this a practical as well as fun choice. The question is, what happens after you click to buy? Well, we ask for between three and five weeks to build your order, as nothing is ‘off the peg’ here! Completion times can vary, but we will keep you updated as your table progresses. From there, we will deliver to any of the 48 contiguous states free of charge, in pieces that are simple to assemble and require no specialist tools or carpentry knowledge. We even pre-drill all the holes for you, to make assembly a fast and painless task. If you’re wondering about outdoor use and warranties, let us put your mind at rest. We’ll supply your new picnic table with a full year’s warranty. Yes, we do know that the table will be sat outside and in all weather conditions and yes, we do remember that we supply it unfinished so you can choose to seal it or not and it all makes no difference, because our quality craftsmanship speaks for itself. We know that your table is sturdy, strong and built from suitable timbers. We also know that you’ll fall in love with it the second it’s assembled, so you’ll do whatever you can to look after it, so we have no qualms about guaranteeing your furniture. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to fire up the grill and get the family round!
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